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    westpac platinum altitude

    Hello everyone,Just been sent in the mail an invitation to upgrade to the platinum altitude card but just after info from anyone who has the card what they think of it??. Thanks :?::?::?:
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    Points calculation

    Hi all I have a question.I have just upgraded Gold card at westpac to Gold Altitude with gold amex chucked in. My first purchase after transferming balance was a $605 hotel charge in Melbourne and that was the only charge so far and now I have 11222 altitude points ???? I used the amex card so i...
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    Credit File

    Hello everyone,I have a question for you all. I have got a copy of my credit report form Veda and on it there is 2 occasions where Citibank have requested to view my credit file within 2 weeks in june/july this year. I have not applied for anything extra from Citibank in the last 4 years and...
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    Platinum Charge Card

    Hello to all, I already have a platinum credit card and was offered a platinum charge card as well as the platinum credit card and was just wondering if the charge card is worth the $900 price tag. Also is it true no spend limit applies and do they do everything they say to rope you in. I am...
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    Platinum Credit Limits

    Hi all I have a Amex Platinum card and my limit is under $10K which I am happy with. My question would be on the amex site they say the credit limits are higher with Platinum card but mine is the same as my Rewards maximiser was and I have never payed card late and only owe a small amount on the...
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    London Heathrow

    Hi everyone,I am travelling to London in sept arriving in Heathrow.I have been to Manchester airport before and found it not to hard to get around. We are flying Malaysia Airlines ex ADL and don't know which terminal we will land at.Also we are staying at the hotel about 2 miles from terminal...
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    Annual Fee for Platinum

    Hi all, I have a question for everyone about the annual fee for the amex platinum. I have seen on this website some people quote that there annual fee for Amex Plat is $900 and I was wondering if anybody else is charged this amount as my annual fee is $395.00 I have had plat for about 2 years. I...
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    Platinum Fee

    I am due for my Platinum Annual Fee in April this year and to my surprise in the post today i recieved a letter saying this years fee would be waivered for this year on my card and supplementary cards as well. I never asked for this and was surprised when the letter arrived. The letter stated...
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    Platinum Fee

    Hello Everyone, I have an issue with the fee for the platinum card from Amex. The fee is a little bit rich for what you get. I travel to Melbourne from Adelaide with the free flight and apart from that I don't use the card for much more than that. A return from Adl to Mel is about $200, so what...
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    ColesMyer Source Mastercard

    I am having a nightmare with my ColesMyer Source Mastercard. I am travelling to London in 10 days and am going to take the Source Mastercard as back up in case of emergency. I forgot my pin number and I have called them on 6 occasions and everytime they say to me your pin number was sent out to...
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    Qantas Frequent Flyer Amex Card

    While at the airport the other day I was approached by Amex reps to get me to sign up for Amex Qf card with 17500 points bonus. I already have Platinum card and was confused as to if this would replace that card or be another card all together. My question to anybody that can help is this-- Can...
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    Platinum vs Qantas 20000 point offer

    Hi all I am wondering what the difference in quality of card between the Qantas 20000 point offer and the platinum card. Is it worth changing from Platinum to Qf card just to get the point's. Are the cards generally the same??, Is platinum worth it anyway??. I am thinking about going to Qf to...
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    Hilton Honours

    Hi everyone,I am after any information about Hilton Honours Credit Card from AMEX. I already have platinum and got an email from amex about Hilton Honours. No link to search. Any help would be cool. Thankyou
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    I would be interested to know how or what the qualifications are for the centurion card are. I have been platinum for about 18 months now and am expecting an application soon. I am wondering how this is worked out. Is it really worth the fee????? Share your thoughts.
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    Keeping Coles Australian

    I have read many articles on the take over offer for Coles and feel pretty strongly about keeping Coles Australian owned. Many people say that they will boycott Coles If they are bought out by an American company, if people feel so strongly about keeping Coles Australian then they should shop at...
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    mail gone crazy

    Hi everyone, It seems to me the AMEX mail centre has gone nuts. Already a platinum member but have still got 6 applications in the last 2 months. I don't understand how this works, I don't think thta they are going to give me 6 platinum cards???. Amex are crazy people!!. Love my card though.
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    Could anybody please asvise me of what HSBC are like to deal with in reagrds to credit cards. I recieved an application in the mail and am still deciding if I am going to apply or not. Thanks
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    Credit Card Offers

    Hello all, I have always wondered how credit card companies get your details and then send you offers without even requesting them. I have recieved offers for pre-approved limits for over $7500 and I don't even bank with the financial institution. How do Amex and Citibank get you details as...
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    Coles surveys

    As much as I dislike Today Tonight I must say I did watch it for the supermarket survey story on Thursday night. Living in Adelaide I have always suggested that Coles were cheaper and the Today Tonight story proves this point. From North,South,East,West and the Hills, Coles were cheapest in 4...
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    Malaysia Airlines

    I have just returned from UK and flew with Malaysia Airlines from Adelaide to Manchester and found them to be the best international carrier I have ever flown with. I could not fault them with anything and It surprises me to find that they are in money trouble when the service they offer is...