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    Discount First Class to Europe Dec 07 Jan 08

    HI all I have been searching for a discount F class airfare to Europe for Dec 07 – Jan 08 however the only one at this point is BA $8500. The rest are all around $12K+ (SQ CX etc) I would take the BA offer however you cannot travel via HKG and the reviews on BA F class are not the best. Any...
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    CX Nwq first class cabin when?

    I have read all the info regarding CX new F and J class cabin however no mention of when it is to be avaialbe, what aircrafts, will it be out of oz considering the fly a330 only etc etc. Can any one please confirm this? Thank you!:o
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    HI All - I am looking for alternate airfare other than One World Circle Pacific. I need to travel mel - was - sfo - mel. I was going to get Circle PAcific however I have been told the miles is over 22,000 so the fare is now almost $11K! Do you know of any other fare type such as CX/AA or a UA...
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    First Class Usa Europe Asia Best Fare

    Fantatic offer from Lufthansa! MEL - SFO (UA F) SFO - FRA (LH F) FRA - LHR (LH J) LHR- BER (LH J) BER - FRA (LH J) FRA - BKK (LH F) BKK - MEL (F) MILES & MORE MEMBER I ENDED UP WITH 82,500 POINTS! The fare you may ask? Only $6777 + $510 for 2 add on sectors in Europe (you get 2 free) + tax...
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    Star Alliance What airline to join

    As an old Ansett Star member and now ONEWORLD - I have around the world ticket first class doing MEL- SFO (UA) - SFO - FRA (LH) FRA - LHR (LH) LHR- BER (LH) BER - BKK (LH) BKK - MEL (TG) - PLEASE advise if I should join TG -UA or LH frequent flyer - what one will give me High membership status...