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  1. Ngariman

    Ozjet flies in new colours

    Steve Creedy, Aviation reporter July 20, 2006 FAILED business airline Ozjet has quietly transformed into a charter operator and is donning new colours to help the recovery of Norfolk Island's tourism industry. Ozjet disappeared from the public consciousness after its attempt to set up an...
  2. Ngariman

    JohnK's 3000 post - with a mystery prize!

    Monday July 31st 11:00AM
  3. Ngariman

    Jet Airways attracts loads of Qantas love

    Rod Myer July 6, 2006 JETSTAR Asia is trying to form an alliance with Jet Airways, the same Indian airline Qantas wishes to make a code-share deal with, according to Jetstar chief executive Alan Joyce. "Jetstar Asia has been in dialogue with Jet Airways" and one or two other Indian carriers...
  4. Ngariman

    Status Run Help

    Hi, I am hoping that some of the experts here might be able to help I am a Bronze Qantas Club member with 95 Status credits to go till I reach silver, I am hoping that someone out there might be able to recommend. Some status run options. I know that with my travel that is planed from...
  5. Ngariman


    Hi all, I work for the SA State Government, We all get points for our Business travel. but we must have a separate QFF Account to our personal one and all points earned can only be used to redeem flights for work/business.
  6. Ngariman

    OzJet to take over Norfolk Island services

    OzJet to take over Norfolk Island services Tuesday, May 16, 2006 Melbourne-based OzJet will begin a regular 737 service from Sydney and Brisbane to Norfolk Island from Wednesday 24 May, the Island’s Government announced yesterday. The new service will replace existing Wednesday, Saturday and...
  7. Ngariman

    Adelaide now hub for overseas flights

    By STUART INNES 11apr06 THE growth in international airline flights through Adelaide Airport has reached unprecedented levels. Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific has confirmed it will double its Adelaide services - from the present twice a week to four from June 1. It follows...
  8. Ngariman

    Chairman's QC Lounge

    Qantas Chairmans Lounge Can someone please explain what the chairman’s lounge actually is?? I haven’t really heard too much about it & it doesn’t really appear much on Qantas's website or media. My understanding is the chairman’s lounge is not part of the Qantas Club program and the...
  9. Ngariman

    Jetstar Asia to spread its wings

  10. Ngariman

    Australian Airlines

    Ooops Sorry guys didn't realise that I had double posted !!! I have removed the extra post
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    Australian Airlines

    Does anyone have any inside knowledge on what may happen to Australian Airlines when Qantas starts Jetstar International? I really hope they don’t do away with them I think its a great product although they have had a hard time with everything that has happened in Asia & Bali. I really...
  12. Ngariman

    Is it the end of Ezy Banking

    Did anyone else see in the news tody the new agreement, that Woolworths and ANZ have struck to provide them 700 ATM's It also stated that the Woolworths Ezy Banking agreement with Commonwealth bank will be winding back at the end of the year. And the Ezy Banking Kiosks will be slowly taken...
  13. Ngariman

    GOLD Airways

    Thanks Damien, sorry about that the web site is
  14. Ngariman

    GOLD Airways

    Does anyone know what’s going on with the so called GOLD Airways??? They have a web site but it seems to have a fake booking service with every destination in Australia on it!!!!! I also heard on the grape vine that they are taking the name Ansett or RMA anyone else...
  15. Ngariman

    Qantas Club and other lounges how do they measure up

    Hi all, Just wondering what everyone’s options are on all the airline lounges out there, would love to hear all your options on :arrow: Favourite program :arrow: What’s better value for money :arrow: Better Network of lounges :arrow: Best facilities :arrow: Virgin Blue, Blue Room...
  16. Ngariman

    Advice Needed Please Help RE: SAS EuroBonus & Lounge Acc

    Priority Pass Can any one provide more info ?? Can any one explain more about this program this is the first I have heard of it!! Do they use the lounges of airlines or there own?
  17. Ngariman

    Advice Needed Please Help RE: SAS EuroBonus & Lounge Acc

    Hi all I am hoping that some one out there can HELP! My Partner and I are moving to Denmark mid this year for work. and I have been looking at the SAS EuroBonus FF scheme and lounge program they seem ok but I noticed that to enter there lounges it all seems a little crazy they have 2 types of...