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  1. Colin 2905

    Cancellation fee percentages

    I'm looking at booking a hotel through Amex Travel (Mrs 2905 has a $400 travel credit to use), and thought this was funny..... I can't even recite Pi to that many decimal places!
  2. Colin 2905

    Bendigo Bank Qantas Platinum MC: 60K bonus / $149 AF / ends 15/06/18 (Updated)

    Seems to have started a couple of days ago. Noticed it on the Qantas card selector web site. Haven't seen it mentioned here yet.... A credit card with Qantas Points and premium benefits 50,000 BONUS QANTAS POINTS when you spend $2,500 on everyday purchases within 90 days of account opening...
  3. Colin 2905

    CBR: Change in runway direction usage?

    For as long as I've bothered to take notice (which was late 2010), flights in and out of Canberra have almost always approached from the south and taken off to the north. On the odd occasion when it's been the opposite case it appears to me to have been weather related usually. However, over the...
  4. Colin 2905

    Be a KrisFlyer Top Referrer and receive 20,000 KrisFlyer Miles

    Received this e-mail a few hours ago..... Dear Colin 2905, Be a KrisFlyer Top Referrer and receive 20,000 KrisFlyer Miles Encourage your friends to sign up for KrisFlyer. Be one of KrisFlyer's Top 20 Referrers* from now till 18 December 2016 and we will reward you with...
  5. Colin 2905

    OzBargain: AmEx 5k Points Free When Adding a Supplementary Card by Phone

    I haven't seen it mentioned on AFF, so for anyone who hasn't seen it on OzBargain or otherwise heard about it..... Basically, add a supplementary card by phone (1300 132 639) and score 5000 bonus points after about six weeks. Thanks to NikeVictorious...
  6. Colin 2905

    My first attempt at a trip report: Germany via Singapore, direct out of Canberra

    Inspired by nonpop's awesome trip report (, I thought I'd report on my recent trip to Germany, the primary purpose of which was to attend a Schiller concert. WARNING: I'm not a...
  7. Colin 2905

    The "Where to from Citibank?" thread

    Burmans suggested it here..... ..... and since can't see one yet, here goes...... For a non-Amex card with direct earn to Velocity there's a...
  8. Colin 2905

    No VA252 in late December

    Just a heads up for anyone who may have been booked on VA252 (early CBR to MEL flight) in late December....... that flight has been cancelled. I only noticed it today, when I made an unrelated booking, saw something odd with my CBR - MEL - AKL booking, and thought, "WTF?" Long story short...
  9. Colin 2905

    Amex Velocity Escape signup bonus now 10,000 points (apply by 12 Jan 2015)

    The terms and conditions appear to be the same as before, just that it's now 10,000 bonus points instead of 7,500. (The equivalent Qantas version, the Qantas Amex Discovery, is still "up to" 7,500 bonus points.)