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  1. chrisb

    Dallas/Fort Worth Transit Times

    We had a 55min connection in late July. It was fine even with a train ride between terminals. We ended up looking at shops and sitting around at the gate for a while waiting. We were sitting up front on both flights though so we were first out the door and didn't have to worry about carry on...
  2. chrisb

    USA - A Journey through the South.......What do you think?

    We did some driving in the USA, including between Miami and New Orleans, and it was some of the best parts of the trip. However, that was in Summer. (Even so, some of the Florida storms resulted in visibility dropping to about 50m on the interstate, thankfully that was very short lived. )...
  3. chrisb

    Hertz at LAX - Advice

    I used Hertz LAX a few weeks ago with a heap of luggage (4 large bags). We didn't have to wait long for the shuttle (even at around midnight) and both times the drivers got up and helped with luggage. The buses have a dedicated luggage area in the middle near the door.
  4. chrisb

    How quickly can an A380 be turned around?

    There would be quite a lot of overlap in those timings. With enough air bridges in the right places to get pax off they could be cleaning F before some Y rows even bothered to stand up and leave. The same applies upstairs which will empty out quicker than Y. They'd be able to get the catering...
  5. chrisb

    The demise of Qantas international flights

    There is actually quite a few of them. The wages are well worth the trip.
  6. chrisb

    Qantas schedules more flights to Asia, US + AKL/PER [AFR]

    Re: Qf akl-per It's probably stupidly priced, but weekend status run/Saturday in Auckland! 3323 miles so 25/50/100 SC each way. Edit. Scrap that, for roughly the same price and timing I'd rather pickup the EK a380 out of SYD.
  7. chrisb

    Cabin crew roles and pay rates

    Semi Related; In the QF32 book the following crew were listed: 1 CSM Customer Service Manager 1 C/S Cabin Supervisor 11 CFA Chief Flight Attendant 9 A/C Air Chef Does anyone know what the Air Chef roll is? How does it vary from FA? Do they have the same safety roll? (ie: sitting on doors...
  8. chrisb

    Ashtrays on A380s

    I've seen the response from a bulkhead seat behind the toilets. FA's hurriedly coming from everywhere and the guy who came out of the toilet swearing it must have been the person before him. Ahuh.
  9. chrisb

    Seriously, LAX lounge still horrible

    I used the first lounge last week before qf94. Crowded, noisy (people on phones and a few babies), and wifi that took minutes to even get an IP address. The food was ok, but I'm not overly fussy. This is made worse by TBIT airside being the worst and most boring terminal on the planet (Unless...
  10. chrisb

    Qantas Club Membership - accessing AC longues

    Assuming you are flying AA then Yes for you and a guest, and they will probably give you free drink vouchers. If they don't, ask and you might get lucky. In most AC you will need to pay for fairly much everything so don't expect the same level of free food and drinks as the QP. Some locations...
  11. chrisb

    Which mobile phone do you use?

    iPhone 5. The nerd in me wants android but the world of apps and support still revolves around the iPhone and it does seem more polished and it "just works". (Which is great when you want a reliable device but boring when you want to play) Posted from iPhone 5 in a coffee shop.
  12. chrisb

    Qantas Chauffeur service - General Questions/Advice

    Re: QF Chauffeur Drive booking up & running :) Perth experience today (in fact I'm still in the car). We had 4 bags, 3 of which are airline maximum size and the rules said 2 bags so online I thought I had booked two cars. They appeared as two entries with their own name, address, contact...
  13. chrisb

    Priority boarding on QF domestic - what is the story?

    Qf475 mel to per today. Complete fail. Flight was late, no one was policing the line and it was a giant mess. The people in front of me didn't even have FF numbers on their boarding passes. Another guy was CX ruby. All it takes is someone at the entrance. They did have someone policing...
  14. chrisb

    26 passengers with gastro - Sydney

    If you had a non-changeable ticket and you said to the airline you were feeling sick and wanted to take a later flight what do we think the response would be? Yeah I know, travel insurance, but its a tough call to decide to miss a flight and then hope that doctors and your insurance company...
  15. chrisb

    QF refitted A380s are squeezy

    And just when you work out your toilet strategy the captain randomly throws in 45mins of seatbelt sign to really test you. :)
  16. chrisb

    Medical X-rays in luggage and TSA screening

    They weren't planned. We got them after an accident earlier in the trip and have been carting them around since. Its not a big deal, more a curiosity around whether they were the cause of the constant searches. I'll give the TSA one thing, they're consistent. Maybe it shows up as a giant solid...
  17. chrisb

    Medical X-rays in luggage and TSA screening

    They're quite large so are going in a checked bag, resulting in that bag and only that bag getting checked every single flight since we got them. We don't know until we get the inspection card in the bag. Thanks for the explanation of what they're made of. We plan to move them to another bag...
  18. chrisb

    Medical X-rays in luggage and TSA screening

    Has anyone carried medical X-rays in luggage? We have some and we are trying to work out if that is why the TSA keep searching that one bag on every flight. Does anyone know what exposed medical X-rays look like when they're xrayed? I may be over thinking this. :)
  19. chrisb

    Flight Experience - 737 Simulator

    Nothing would beat being up front. Flying straight at a mountain is a little odd. :)