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  1. drron

    Tamar v Barossa Wine dinner.

    Possibly of interest to some on Saturday 30/10 is an event put on by Josef Chromy Winery pitching their Pinot Noirs against Langmeil's shiraz. The JC pinot Noir will be their block 103.Details here -
  2. drron

    Error 1020 – Cloudflare

    In the last two days I have had problems loading AFF on my computer but not my phone. Error 1020 from cloudfare.
  3. drron

    The final Work contract.In Tasmania of course.

    The time has come the walrus said to think of other things.Yes my working days will be coming to an end in December.I began my locum career on 16/12/06 and will finish on 18/12/21 just before my 75th birthday.As luck would have it I will be working in Launceston for that time.It will make it...
  4. drron

    I try to outsmart the virus.

    I flew home on Saturday 31/7 from LST.The plan was on Sunday 8/8 we would go on a driving trip.A while ago that plan was to go to NSW.That got axed. Well I figured the only safe way was another QLD road trip.What could go wrong?Well whilst waiting for the plane at LST I found out.The virus had...
  5. drron

    Another setback for Boeing.

    After the 737 Max problems it looks like the FAA is subjecting Boeing to greater scrutiny.Major delays now expected for the 777X.
  6. drron

    Quest Launceston

    The franchise has become bankrupt. Hotel closed Saturday. We were in Strahan. Allowed to stay tonight. The only guests and no staff. On the street tomorrow. What a year.
  7. drron

    Another Winter in Tasmania.

    As you may no I am back working in Launceston.Now May is not officially winter here but still much colder than a Sunshine Coast winter>I am here until the end of July.I will post the things I do in this thread but the restaurants I will post in the Launceston restaurants thread.My new posts...
  8. drron

    IC Double Bay Sold.

    The Chinese owners of the IC Double Bay have sold it to a Melbourne developer.Said to be restyled as a Louis Vuitton branded hotel.
  9. drron

    A Western Australian saga.

    As some know we are currently in WA.It has been a tale of problems.The first plan was for August 2020 which was for the Silo Art trail,some northern wildflower viewing and possibly Margaret river.It wasn't long before those plans fell over.We then read a TR from @JohnM and were sold.An Abrolhos...
  10. drron

    More quickies for the drron's.

    We will probably be taking some short trips until we hopefully areable to do a long trip in Feb 2022. First up is a weekend at Sanctuary Cove.Came about as I decided in February to check all my loyalty programs and found out my IC weekend ambassador certificate was going to expire on 1/3.So we...
  11. drron

    Margaret River and Perth restaurants

    We hopefully are going to get to WA in April.After all your election will be over.Our accom. in Margaret river has reccomended we book any restaurants as it will be very busy.Staying 5-7/4. Also will be in PERfect PERth on 7/4.Happy to meet up for lunch or dinner. Here's hoping.
  12. drron

    Marriott new properties 2021.

    This will include the second Australian W in Melbourne and the first Luxury Collection in Australia - The Tasman in Hobart.
  13. drron

    Free Bass Strait Passage on Ferry.

    The Commonwealth and Tasmanian governments are providing free passage for cars and cycles on the Spirit of Tasmania from March through June for bookings after 14/1/21.
  14. drron

    Taiwan applies for USA Pre Clearance.

    It’s being reported that Taiwan has applied to offer a US Pre-Clearance facility, offering US immigration screening before passengers board US-bound flights. US Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf revealed this during a virtual event earlier this week, stating that the US is looking at...
  15. drron

    Man uses Emergency slide before take off.

    What an amazzing a fellow says his PTSD caused him to depart a Delta flight as it was taxiing out to take off.His girlfriend and service dog accompanied him.
  16. drron

    JAL to offer complimentary Covid Cover.

    "JAL has teamed up with Allianz Travel to provide complimentary cover for medical, testing and quarantine costs in the event that our customers test positive for COVID-19 during their travel. In addition, we have set up a 24-hour support line that customers can contact from anywhere in the world...
  17. drron

    Hotel Verge,Launceston

    We have just stayed at the Hotel Verge for 2 nights before mrsdrron flew back to BNE. A very nice room though the bathroom a bit too dark for mrsdrron.Nice view across City Park. Breakfast was included and quite nice.They have also just introduced drinks with a bar menu at night.This was...
  18. drron

    Best White Wine in the World.

    Goes to Tasmania.Tolpuddle Chardy from the Coal Valley. And the best red wine was from Georgia.
  19. drron

    A summer in Tasmania

    I finished 8 weeks in Tasmania working at the beginning of November.I was asked if I could extend my stay until the end of February 2021.However mrsdrron had not been able to join me so I suggested I have 2 weeks off and then work until the end of February.At that point there was a strong...
  20. drron

    Time Stands Still on Norfolk Island.

    So tomorrow we leave from BNE's International Terminal on our first overseas flight this year-to Norfolk Island.We had our honeymoon there.Was about as far as we could afford in those days.It was then a duty free place and we returned home 70Kg overweight.However as it was our honeymoon we were...