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    Travel Bank Fare vs Revenue Fare

    Has anyone noticed any price discrepancies when searching revenue fares and then searching using travel bank credit? If so, have you had any luck calling up and having them honour revenue fare with travel bank credit? Cheers
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    Points Use Advice/Suggestions

    Would be grateful for any advice on strategy I should pursue for J class flights to Europe from ADL in May next year for 3 pax all preferably on same flight. It is a bit of a 2 part question. Currently have 260k Velocity points and VA Gold, will be relatively flexible with travel dates. I can...
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    Christmas Day Lineup

    Has everyone got their Christmas day drinking lineup sorted? Love to hear some of the drops people are planning to consume. With a forecast 40 degrees in Adelaide I think there will be more fizz and white wine being consumed than red. My contribution to lunch will be 1999 Perrier Jouet Belle...