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  1. kelpie

    VA Plat experience on Virgin Atlantic flights

    Hi folks I am at Platinum level with Virgin Australia's Velocity program and am looking at flying with Virgin Atlantic through to London next month. For those of you who have flown with Virgin Atlantic, what has been your experience with recognition of your Velocity frequent flyer status? I'm...
  2. kelpie

    JQ 35 SYD-MEL dumped for 2013?

    Hi all Perhaps I have missed out on an earlier thread on this topic, but a few recent attempts on both the QF and JQ sites to book my favourite JQ 35 SYD-MEL flight and do a bit of Flounging seem to reveal that the flight no longer exists. Say it isn't so.
  3. kelpie

    A belated hello

    This probably doesn't count as an introduction, as I have been a member here for more than 4 years! But after very few posts and a fair bit of lurking, I thought it only fair to say hi to everyone formally and thanks for all the tips on loyalty programmes for the past few years. I fly too...
  4. kelpie

    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Not sure if there is a standing thread on this somewhere else deep in the bowels of AFF, but if not I thought I'd kick it off. Today I caught QF445 from SYD to MEL, and can report that we were graced with the company of: - Alan Jones (the parrot) - Julie Bishop (Fed education minister) - Nick...
  5. kelpie

    Question re QFF points earn on CX flights

    Hi all I've looked at the QFF terms and conditions but thought I'd come here for an answer in plain english. I'm paying :shock: for a flight from Melbourne to London in March which means I'll be buying a dirty cheap discount economy flight, but I am still looking to maximise the points...
  6. kelpie

    "oneworld" award (132.4K/249.6K/318K/455K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    Note that this is not exclusively a "Round The World" Award. While it can be so used, it can also be used for "Round Trips", "Circle" Trips or even "one-way trips" without actually going "Round The World". Also note the following from the T&C review that comes up on if you have...