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    Crew Movements

    Just wondering whether anyone knows how many hours do domestic cabin crew work on their shifts and the typical flying patterns they would fly? I giess there is no hard and fast rule which determines this. Also, I often hear the term "out of hours" when it comes to cabin crew - what would be...
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    Travel Insurance

    Does anyone know of any travel insurance companies who are more likely to provide some cover for a pre-existing medical condition? My cousin is planning a trip to the USA, but has Type 1 Diabetes and has had various complications as a result, which makes getting travel insurance that little...
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    2007 Earlybirds

    Does anyone know when the 2007 earlybird specials will be formally released by QF/BA? I have my parents travelling on their first trip overseas to Europe next year and would ideally love to snub some cheap WTP seats on BA from SYD for departure in Jul/Aug. Also, does anyone know how a WTP fare...
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    Best Hong Kong Hotel?

    My parents are flying home from LHR and are stopping in HKG for 3/4 days before heading back to Oz. Any suggestions for a good quality hotel, middle of the range? Your thoughts & comments would be greatly appreciated ... :-)
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    Upgrades and FF points

    Booked a cheap return ticket to MEL last weekend, travelling on QF 2 to MEL and QF 3 back to SYD. Before the number of points required for an upgrade increased on 1 January 2004, I used 5000 points to upgrade to Business class on QF3 back to SYD. Consequently, after checking in for the flight...
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    Qantas Club Guests

    As a lowly Bronze Qantas Club member, I am only entitled to take one travelling guest into the Sydney International Qantas Club with a guest pass. I am wondering however, whether anyone has been able to get more than one guest into the QC using guest passes? Also, from memory, generally...
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    Hand Luggage - How Strict??

    Just returned from a 3 week trip to London, in which I flew SYD-SIN-LHR-SIN-SYD. While checking in for QF 10 at LHR at the British Airways check-in desk, I had two suitcases ... one big one and a smaller one to take onto the flight with me, which was well within the size restrictions. After...
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    Seat Allocation

    Who should I ring about changing my seat allocation?? We are flying from SYD to MEL on QF2, which was booked on the QF website as a red e-deal and have already been allocated seats at the very back of the plane, despite my Qantas Club / Frequent Flyer profile stating a preference for the...
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    Qantas Red e-deals

    Just checked the Qantas website to book a one-way flight for my cousin from SYD to MEL on Monday. Despite advertising $98 on the main Red e-deal page, when the availability came up, the flights were priced at $65 each. There is MASSIVE availability (with nearly every flight coming up at $65) so...
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    Change of Aircraft

    Booked a trip to BNE in January last week, and chose the BNE - SYD flight mainly based on the aircraft that I would be travelling on. In this case, I chose a QF flight travelling on a 767-300 rather than the usual 737-800 or 737-400 which seem to fly the BNE - SYD route thesedays. When I checked...
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    Qantas Quick Check

    Just wondering if anyone knows when you will be able to check-in at Brisbane Domestic airport with baggage using Quick Check?? :roll: I understand, according to the Qantas website, that Quick Check is available for use in BNE only if you have hand luggage.
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    Red e-deals

    I am trying to book a red e-deal (N class) on the QF website and once I imput my details, the system comes up with available flights. Initially it was just myself travelling, but now there will be two. When looking at the available flight options for one person, it displays the return flight as...
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    Qantas IFE

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether Qantas have completed installing the In-Flight Entertainment System in all of their 747's??
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    Rugby World Cup

    Trying to get a cheap red e-deal for a quick weekend trip to MEL to watch Australia play Ireland in the rugby on Saturday 1st November ... flights booked solid in N class Thursday, Friday and Saturday and booked solid from MEL to SYD on Sunday and Monday. Just wondering whether anyone knows...
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    List For Waitlist

    Just another question about waitlisting for Qantas ... I was lucky enough to get my wailtist for QF 5 / QF 9 from SYD to LHR a couple of weeks ago, but now I am waiting for another one from LHR to SYD before New Year. Therefore, I'm wondering whether anyone knows where you can find info...
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    Seat Allocation

    As a Bronze FF, I travelled in Economy class on QF 1 from SYD to BKK approximately 6 months ago. At check in, we were allocated the very back row, Seats 75F and 75G despite checking in much earlier than the allocated time. When asked if we could have better seats closer to the front, we were...
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    Qantas Frequent Flyer Program Changes

    Just wondering what everyone thinks of the latest changes that have been introduced to the Qantas FF program as of today and the changes that will be phased in next year. If you haven't read about these changes, check out the following link...
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    I have a confirmed seat in November on QF 31 from SYD/LHR leaving SYD at 10.15pm however I would like to get an afternoon flight, possibly QF 5/QF 9 as I have friends booked on this flight. As it is the low shoulder season before Christmas, nearly every QF flight is booked at this time and I...