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    Getting to LHR with QF or BA deal

    I'm planning SYD-LHR return with a stopover in each direction (SIN & BKK) and currently trying to find the best way to do this. I always want to use QF where possible to try and do upgrades but something else has occured to me that might be worth trying: The current BA deals where you get...
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    Help Planning Itinerary (please)

    Would like some advice and suggestions on this routing and the best way to book it. It's not that complicated but hoping to make it as pleasant as possible. 12/5 (departure date flexible) SYD-BKK 17/5 BKK-SIN 22/5 SIN-TPE 27/5 TPE-SYD Is there some kind of OneWorld fare that will be...
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    AMEX Platinum Cheapened

    I have been considering writing to AMEX about the annual fee of the Platinum charge card. I feel that with the introduction of the plat credit card they have cheapened the product. Even though I was given a complimentary CC I don't really need it - a whole lot more people have a piece of...
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    Internet Access abroad

    I'm about to embark on a couple of months vacation round the world. Usually my travel is for work and I can log onto the net in the hotels or apartment my company provides. This is the first time I've gone on vacation with my laptop. I have an Australian based net account. Wondering what...
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    MH status match

    Has anyone been able to get MH to do a status match. I would love to be comped to Enrich Gold as I have a lot of Asia travel this year but unfortunately only in Y. I am QF Gold and have emailed MH about this, so far no response whatsoever.... well over a week later.
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    Pay Anyone

    Similar to my previous post, can one earn points using the Pay Anyone facility offered on the ANZ credit cards?
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    Cash Advances

    I'm curious to know if cash advances will earn points on an ANZ QANTAS VISA? And further - I read in the terms & conditions that of course there is an interest charge, but it says "except to the extent that a cash advance may be drawn against credit funds". What does this mean? If you are...
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    Using AMEX to send $$$ to account

    Is there a way to put funds through one's AMEX card and then transfer the credit to a personal savings account? I'm about to receive a lump sum and this will pay a nice chunk off my mortgage. I just hoped that for such an amount it would be nice to get something back from it - ie rewards...
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    why no AMEX?

    Wondered why there is no separate AMEX section. A QF VISA, NBA Gold Rewards and Westpac Altitude have their 'sub-folders' - how bout an AMEX Membership Rewards?