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    MH Super Specials Finish 31/1/09 - MH to slash Fuel Levies 1/2/09

    Who cares what the cost of each part of your ticket costs it is the overall cost of the ticket that makes me decide who I will fly with anyway and besides MH are the best airline to fly with anyway so I dont care what the tickets cost.We are flying to heathrow in september and malaysia were by...
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    Malaysian Airways v Etihad

    I have had no exp with Etihad but have flown business class to london from Adelaide with Malaysia Airlines and can't fault the service in fact we only will travel with Malaysia Airlines when we go overseas as we have never had any trouble. All flights have left on time and no luggagge lost in...
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    westpac platinum altitude

    Hello everyone,Just been sent in the mail an invitation to upgrade to the platinum altitude card but just after info from anyone who has the card what they think of it??. Thanks :?::?::?:
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    Points calculation

    I must say thankyou to westpac for the bonus points as they have just given me a return upgrade with Malaysia Airlines to Kuala Lumpur in August. Bonus for me
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    Points calculation

    Hi all I have a question.I have just upgraded Gold card at westpac to Gold Altitude with gold amex chucked in. My first purchase after transferming balance was a $605 hotel charge in Melbourne and that was the only charge so far and now I have 11222 altitude points ???? I used the amex card so i...
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    MH Enrich - DJ now a partner

    Malaysia Airlines I think is one of the premier airlines operating out of Australia. I live in Adelaide and MH has more flights than qantas do and I know that alot of people fly MH out of Adelaide and also enrich has been good to me 4 business class upgrades in 4 years so no complaints from me...
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    Credit File

    I have only got a credit card with citibank and no other lines of credit or home loans. I have had this card for 11 years and the veda report says all information stays on for 5 years then comes off. So i think that for the previous 4 and a half years they did nothing then all of a sudden twice...
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    Credit File

    NO and when I rang them they said they can't give out that information and then I said that's not good enough and they said they would look into it and advise me by letter what's happening. I will not let this go i think it is too important,I asked if somebody else may have applied for...
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    Credit File

    Hello everyone,I have a question for you all. I have got a copy of my credit report form Veda and on it there is 2 occasions where Citibank have requested to view my credit file within 2 weeks in june/july this year. I have not applied for anything extra from Citibank in the last 4 years and...
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    Amex Survey

    I say go for it if you can, for 25 mins work a $30 Coles gift card is a christmas pressie. They can send me one if they like,I wouldn't say no.
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    Platinum Charge Card

    Hello to all, I already have a platinum credit card and was offered a platinum charge card as well as the platinum credit card and was just wondering if the charge card is worth the $900 price tag. Also is it true no spend limit applies and do they do everything they say to rope you in. I am...
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    Londoners fear misery at Heathrow Airport

    I am a little worried at the moment.I am travelling to london in 6 weeks and have heard nothing but complaints about heathrow airport and as Malaysia Airlines only fly to Heathrow we have to land there. What is so bad that people don't want to fly there??. A good friend of mine said to me the...
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    jetstar's deplorable service!

    What a surprise,I know 3 Jetstar employee's who say they wouldn'y even fly with the airline themselves. So what does that say for them??. I don't like the way this country's airline industry is going,what happened to good old fashioned service???, me think it died when Ansett were murdered by...
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    Platinum Credit Limits

    Hi all I have a Amex Platinum card and my limit is under $10K which I am happy with. My question would be on the amex site they say the credit limits are higher with Platinum card but mine is the same as my Rewards maximiser was and I have never payed card late and only owe a small amount on the...
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    London Heathrow

    Hi everyone,I am travelling to London in sept arriving in Heathrow.I have been to Manchester airport before and found it not to hard to get around. We are flying Malaysia Airlines ex ADL and don't know which terminal we will land at.Also we are staying at the hotel about 2 miles from terminal...
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    Annual Fee for Platinum

    Hi all, I have a question for everyone about the annual fee for the amex platinum. I have seen on this website some people quote that there annual fee for Amex Plat is $900 and I was wondering if anybody else is charged this amount as my annual fee is $395.00 I have had plat for about 2 years. I...
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    Platinum Charge Card - is it worth if?

    Hi all, I am wondering what is the difference between Platinum charge and normal platinum credit card???
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    Platinum Fee

    Straitman, I saw you refer to Ansett--nothing anymore, me too i have an idea,ring Air NZ and ask them to give you some compensation and see what they say??.I would be interested in the reply.
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    Platinum Fee

    Yeah I was refering to the citibank platinum card.
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    Platinum Fee

    I am due for my Platinum Annual Fee in April this year and to my surprise in the post today i recieved a letter saying this years fee would be waivered for this year on my card and supplementary cards as well. I never asked for this and was surprised when the letter arrived. The letter stated...