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  1. mrsterryn

    Free Gold luggage and tags

    Happy to pass along :) I shall message you for an address :)
  2. mrsterryn

    Best airline in economy with toddlers Syd to LHR

    Lol we are being slack parents and leaving babies with their parents
  3. mrsterryn

    Free Gold luggage and tags

    Geez I truly thought I had cleared everything . Nope of course there are always more tubs lol Happy to post Please have had 50+ postings
  4. mrsterryn

    Best airline in economy with toddlers Syd to LHR

    Sorry I forgot to put the title in the text :) Sydney to LHR
  5. mrsterryn

    Best airline in economy with toddlers Syd to LHR

    So considering flying with son , Dil and Dil sister with two toddler grandchildren First two weeks of Dec 22 Husband and I will , hopefully, be using up some points and travelling business Don't have enough for all of us to fly business . Daughter in Law would much prefer to save the money and...
  6. mrsterryn

    TV series discussion {'ware Spoiler Alert}

    Squid Games is definitely not One for me. However I think due to the popularity of it a few Korean dramas have come up on the home page. Watched Sisphysis The Myth. Such a twist and turn tale. Thoughly enjoyed it
  7. mrsterryn

    General COVID-19 Vaccine Discussion

    Dil here was the same . Mind you it was pre arrival grandbaby no. 1 who did not grow well initially and almost fell off those charts with lack of growth Lol grandson No.2 is bigger at three months now than No.1 was at six months I actually thought some vaccinations were required (pre covid )?
  8. mrsterryn

    What's the Highest QFF Points Balance You've Seen?

    I would have thought a couple of million would not have been over the top at the moment With cancelled reward flights etc
  9. mrsterryn

    2022 travel plans

    Have plans for two week in UK on Dec 2022 Husband has London booked for Sept 2022 (reward flights ) Have to say it is fun to actually think travel is possible again . Love working out what we "might" do
  10. mrsterryn

    TV series discussion {'ware Spoiler Alert}

    Blakes7 and Red dwarf are on Brit Box. Excellent some new (very old ) shows to watch
  11. mrsterryn

    General Parenting Discussion

    So if the world opens for us , how old have (grand ) children been for travelling to Europe for Xmas markets ? Pondering Dec 2022 oh husband of course I mean Dec 2023 (Darn forgot husband is on here as well )
  12. mrsterryn

    Friendships via AFF

    Anyone else ? I still have some online chats however have not met anyone in person. Perhaps if travel happens for me next year a lounge meet up Of course if the lounges open lol Though sadly I suspect I shall be a soft landing to gold
  13. mrsterryn

    "oneworld" award (132.4K/249.6K/318K/455K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    So good to be able to be planning these trips again
  14. mrsterryn

    Qantas extends status extensions until June 2022

    Thank goodness because the trip I have booked the return flight hasn't been flown since July. So I just say not acceptable to the changes and my status will roll over ?
  15. mrsterryn

    Finally trying to book a ticket

    Tried to book a rewards seats for Feb Syd to LAX using credit and cash for the return. System said cannot spilt payment types. Does that mean I can't use my Qantas credits with a rewards seat ? I shall try to call tomorrow but.... The tickets are certainly quite a bit higher then pre covid ...
  16. mrsterryn

    Covid Travel Insurance?

    I found most of those didn't like covering me lol Few of those health issues makes them grumpy especially going to USA
  17. mrsterryn

    Covid Travel Insurance?

    Hoping to do two trips next year Feb to USA Dec to UK Pre covid we would just take out our usual year long insurance declaring all medical issues (have a few ) Has anyone applied for insurance for international travel recently ? Has it changed much ? Cost or coverage wise ?
  18. mrsterryn

    Cheap J deals from Singapore to Europe

    Husband has been looking at Syd to LHR flights. Astonishing Cathay and BA are cheaper than Qantas , in business
  19. mrsterryn

    QFF Platinum requesting release of extra Classic award seats?

    Thanks. :) It is rather nice to be looking at possible flights again
  20. mrsterryn

    QFF Platinum requesting release of extra Classic award seats?

    Are many people trying for rewards seats ? Thinking for the husband to try for next Sept for LHR