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    Singapore Airport Car Rental

    Yes, Hertz in Australia used to quote me a higher rate. Nowadays I phone the overseas offices (Hertz or Avis etc) to book. A call costs anything from A$0.02 to A$0.05 cents per minute using a phone card. Do watch out for airport charges when picking up or dropping a car at an airport.
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    A few questions....

    I seldom fly Qantas international as they do not go to where I want to go. But each time I phone Qantas to request for a specific seat, I do get the requested seat at the check in counter. This includes domestic flights. Qantas does emphasise it is a REQUEST only. Maybe it also helps to...
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    Overseas Refunds to Credit cards

    My credit card charges a hefty fee for overseas cash advances and transactions. But its fraud detected system is the best I know of and to me, paying the fees was worth the peace of mind. Nowadays, I check with ANZ (bank issuing my card) for their fraud rating of the countries I would be...
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    7000 bonus QFF points - transfer to TruEnergy

    bonus points from TRUenergy The bonus points are 7,500 and offer closes on 31 March 2006. Terms and conditions are on I have checked the site and the details are there.