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    QF No Longer Printing FF Number on Boarding Passes

    For those of us who prefer the printed boarding pass I noticed this week that QF are no longer printing the FF number on the boarding pass. Instead of QFxx_xx_x it simply displays QF. I presume this is to get around any privacy issues and potential risks to compromising FF accounts...
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    Lack of Moving Map Display on some QF 744’s

    Over the last 6 months I’ve done a bunch of QF 744 sectors (mostly on the ER series) and noticed the moving map display option has been removed from the Inflight Entertainment option. It remains on the remainder of the fleet. Just wondering if anyone knows the back story to this?
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    SPG Online Check In - Four Points Sheraton Auckland

    I've been in the habit of using the Online Check In facility across SPG since it has been available. Experience has shown it's great to call in by the front desk and show your ID and be given your keys or in some cases you can go straight to the room and use keyless checkin. Last evening I...
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    Who Gets The Armrests

    Interesting article I was reading on a 3K SIN-BKK flight this week (see link below). Not sure if it was just timing however my middle seat mate wanted the armrests and also most of my seat as well. Jetstar Global Travel Survey
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    What's the trick to make seat requests stick with QF Codeshares on Emirates Metal?

    Did a quick search and couldn't find anything on this topic. When booking in Y on a QF Codeshare flight on Emirates metal you can go into your booking and make seat requests as though it was a QF flight. For some unknown reason the seat request doesn't stick with what appears to be an Emirates...
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    Interesting Experience PVG-PEK (QF4009) - China Eastern Codeshare

    Was a passenger on QF129 SYD-PVG connecting onto QF4009 PVG-PEK on Monday 27th June. Sitting in the China Eastern lounge at PVG we were advised our service to PEK had been delayed due to thunderstorms in the Beijing area. We were due to depart at 910pm arriving into PEK at 1140pm. We eventually...
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    No More International Express at SYD International

    Landed this morning (Friday 12/12) off QF12 to find that Customs Clearance at YSSY International was "enhanced" a couple of days back and divided into Nothing to Declare (Green) and Declare (Red) . Another enhancement was that Express Arrivals has been done away with and everyone including crew...