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    Qantas launches sale with unlimited fee free changes until 2022

    I have a ticket with city pair that I want to change (both destination and date). Is it still true that you can do that change fee free? Do I get a voucher or do I have to reticket straight away?
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    Book a flight and Extend Current status to 2022

    My membership year ends on 30/6. It seems like I am unlikely to travel for either work or holiday before then. Neither work or SHMBO wants to take the risk of being stuck interstate. As WP, keen on taking advantage of the status extension. Just wanted to clarify, is the cheapest method to book...
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    Public Transport etiquette in the COVID Era

    MEL is COVID free, and apparently road traffic is back to 90%+ of premorbid levels, so thought I might consider taking PT (bus/train/tram) again for work. During the depths of lockdown the cabins were rather empty, it appears there is great patronage I think. Yes, I see the signage on...
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    Home delivery of QF Magazine during COVID-19

    Got the May edition delivered too! Great outlet in these difficult times... The route maps are absent as well as the transit and general travel information, so they must have published the mag for us on the ground only..
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    Travel on Cathay mid April BNE / HKG / BOS - Change now or wait and see if the Corona virus gets better or worse? Any suggestions?

    I too have a trip late April on CX via HKG to Canada. The issue on my mind had always been about the risk of infection, but now thinking about it more, there is also the risk that Canada (or any other country) could ban entry if you have transited HK. Lucky for me I've only booked the air...
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    Claiming GST TRS travelling on QF9

    Who knows, QF9 might stop in Asia with the Iran thing!!!
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    Claiming GST TRS travelling on QF9

    That's something new regarding lenses! For us locals it prob doesnt have a big impact as glasses can be funded by insurance. Asian prices are usually better. But every now and then it casues trouble, such as my phone I bought in HK not working and Sony Australia refusing to help.
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    First ever Status Run to QF Platinum

    Congrats @Ade It wld be great to know fellow AFFers onboard, if only a way to recognise, an AFF luggage tag perhaps?
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    New Qantas SIN F Lounge [Open Dec 2nd 2019]

    I visited the lounge last Mon pre QF38. The staff in general were very excited following the official opening. Met the manager from Accor who's incharge of both SIN and HKG lounges. Apart from Nestor, there were also some staff from the HKG lounge, so a bit of exchange going on. I arrived...
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    Qantas cancels Beijing flights from March 2020

    On a recent regional SQ Y flight they did have a laminated card with the pictures and description (prob in a few languages) of the two choices. I didn't see the cabin crew use them in my section however..
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    Economy vs Premium Meals

    My family travelled on QF36 in both classes. Was a bit suprised the choices for the dinner were the same except Neil's leaves! I travelled in Premium and enjoyed the hot breakfast though. I felt that was better than the usual egg and bacon roll in J! Not sure what happened here.
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    Difference between aircraft on MEL-PER route

    BTW, has there been discussion before about the seat width between the QF aircraft types? Would a 737 and 787 Y seat be similar?
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    Difference between aircraft on MEL-PER route

    I think that is the biggest drawcard for WPs...
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    Difference between aircraft on MEL-PER route

    Has there ever been a wiki / comparison of the differences between the 737/787/A330 for MEL - PER? I've seen some posts in relation to J but not Y. Anyone has any preferences? Are the meals on QF9/10 the same as the other domestic ops? Travelling with a toddler, how reliable are the ipads as IFE...
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    QF10 PER - MEL experiences?

    Bumping this thread. When you arr at MEL, is there a dedicated line for domestic passengers at immigration? Dont want to be stuck in a queue with all the other passengers..
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    Lounge Meets June 2019

    Thursday 6 texter QF25 SYD QF J 2050 +1 flight time
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    QF34 Lounge information

    Travelling on QF34 next month. Noticed the website suggests either the Sakura lounge or the KIX Airside lounge. Any recent experiences? In particular, I was interested in a shower and the QF website lists showers being available in the KIX Airside lounge but cannot confirm with a quick Google...
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    Children's meal on QF Domestic

    Thanks all!. QF880 to OOL was a refreshment sector, so nothing special was offered. QF881 to MEL however was a lunch sector, the adults got bacon quiche whilst child's meal was a spinach and feta roll. If Master Texter remained awake I am sure he would have preferred quiche to the roll...
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    Children's meal on QF Domestic

    I'm curious so I will "order" the children's meal and see what happens...
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    Children's meal on QF Domestic

    We are travelling on MEL - OOL QF880 & 881.