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    Fremantle - some buildings and sites.

    I and others have often mentioned Fremantle on here but I realised that there have only been a few photos of the port. Today my wife was going to look at an Art Exhibition down there so I took the chance to spend a couple of hours wandering around. I first became closely acquainted with...

    Flowers, sun and stubble.

    As I mentioned in my post in the 'Office' view thread I mentioned that we had made a short, 3 day, visit to a farm about 300 km east of here. We went about 20 km east of the town of Merriden and then another 30 km north of the highway on a mixture of bitumen and gravel roads. My brother in law...

    American Express Travel Insurance Fine Print and Volcanic Eruptions

    As usual you have to be aware of all of the exclusions from any policy. After some bad publicity American Express said "it would reach out to the family to offer some "financial support" but declined to elaborate on the details."...

    New Emirates ad on top of Burj Khalifa

    I don't think that this has been posted on here yet. There is no way this little black duck would be doing what she did.

    Sydney Airport Takeover Offer

    Reports are appearing today that a US$17 billion offer to 'takeover' Sydney Airport has been made. Super Funds appear to be large partners in the offer bid. If the offer is successful I wonder if the new operators would be as rapacious as the current ones - my inclination is to say yes...

    Air New Zealand NZ$100 off on return Trans Tasman Fares

    I haven't seen this posted already. As the header says, they are currently running an offer of NZ$100 off on return fares across the Tasman. Travel period is 1/8 to 30/11. The offer ends Sunday. There are lots of exclusions, as usual, in the T & C's for various cheaper fares. Edit: It it may...

    Another photo of U.S 'light' aircraft mid-air collision safe landing

    I am sure that the initial details of the mid-air collision between a a Cirrus light aircraft and a Metroliner last week when all pilots survived despite major damage to their aircraft was posted 'somewhere' on AFF but I simply can't find it. However I found this on-line photo (PPRUNE) of the...

    South to Albany

    As you may have seen in "The view from my Office " thread we have been down south to Albany for a few days. We had some CX Asia Miles points that were due to expire so using them to stay in a B & B in Albany seemed like a good idea. Albany is the site of the first permanent European settlement...

    Allianz charged with making false advertising claims for Travel Insurance

    There is an article today about ASIC's case against Allianz and its underwriter. I guess tis would back up a lot of suspicions people have about the travel insurance industry. Allianz charged over insurance advertising
  10. OZDUCK

    Murals in the Bush - a day trip from Perth to Collie & surrounds

    Today, 6/1/2021, we took a daytrip to see the murals being painted on the wall of Wellington Dam which is about 200 Km south of Perth. We also had a quick look around the nearby town of Collie. Wellington Dam is the "second largest surface water catchment" in W.A - the largest is the Ord Dam...
  11. OZDUCK

    Perth Airport - new parallel runway approved

    There is an article in today's West Australian that the 'Federal Government' has officially approved the building of a new parallel runway at Perth Airport. As a note of caution the article is by Geoffrey Thomas and I can find nothing else on the net that supports his statements but I assume...
  12. OZDUCK

    The grand old days of sea travel

    Following on from Ikara's thread about "The grand old days of air travel". I present the "Farewell Dinner" menu from the ship my wife travelled on from Singapore to Fremantle when her family came to Australia to live in the 1950's. As you can see the ship, although it only sailed on the...
  13. OZDUCK

    La Compagnie Airbus A321LR at Perth Airport

    There is a bit of chatter around the websites about this pretty unusual visitor to Perth The consensus seems to be that it is a charter to fly the Australian Cricket Team to the UK. The interior, all J, looks pretty nice for a 'narrow body'...
  14. OZDUCK

    New Zealand - North South and the bit in between - 2014

    As the Trip Reports forum is still, unsurprisingly, pretty quiet I thought that I would post another 'historic' TR. We booked a trip to NZ in October/November 2014 after Air New Zealand announced a sale. On the way there we travelled in Y but on the way back we had our first taste ever of a...
  15. OZDUCK

    Germany plus a bit of France 2013

    We were due to be in Berlin for a family reunion in August. As we will obviously not be able to attend even if it, fairly unlikely, goes ahead I have been looking sadly at photos of our previous German visits. Being another who likes to read the TR section and hopes that it keeps going I am now...
  16. OZDUCK

    Changes to Finnair fare types

    There has been a lot of chatter on flyertalk recently about changes coming to Finnair. This was recently posted. It appears to be from an e-mail to travel agents. "Changes in Finnair´s ticket types 31st March 2020 Customers wish to have a choice to tailor their travel experience based on their...
  17. OZDUCK

    Strange Fares on Finnair

    Since I cancelled our CX fares to Frankfurt because of their dropping one of our flights I have been looking for an alternative flight. One option has been to use Finnair out of Singapore - which we have done previously. However, as the title says, their prices are hard to understand. (Obviously...
  18. OZDUCK

    Cathay have cancelled one of their two daily Frankfurt flight - and we were booked on it!

    We were booked on CX 283 which left HK at 12:25 and arrived in Frankfurt at 18:40. One of our travelling companions was advised by their TA that this flight has been cancelled - it was still bookable about 3 days ago. We booked directly with CX and have heard nothing yet but it is shown as...
  19. OZDUCK

    Philippine Airlines to return to Perth

    Philippine Airlines is going to start a four day a week non-stop service between Perth and Manila from March 2020. It is always good to see another airline starting service to Perth. They had a short go in 2013, but with a stop in Darwin. The aircraft will be an A321Neo with 12 Lie flat J...
  20. OZDUCK

    Car Parks of the World

    After the latest of Tony Hancock's car park photos I lightheartedly suggested that, in order to allow others to share their photos of these glorious sights, a thread purely for Car Park views should be started. A few people seemed to find the idea amusing so I have taken the bit between my few...