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    Public Transport etiquette in the COVID Era

    MEL is COVID free, and apparently road traffic is back to 90%+ of premorbid levels, so thought I might consider taking PT (bus/train/tram) again for work. During the depths of lockdown the cabins were rather empty, it appears there is great patronage I think. Yes, I see the signage on...
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    Economy vs Premium Meals

    My family travelled on QF36 in both classes. Was a bit suprised the choices for the dinner were the same except Neil's leaves! I travelled in Premium and enjoyed the hot breakfast though. I felt that was better than the usual egg and bacon roll in J! Not sure what happened here.
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    Difference between aircraft on MEL-PER route

    Has there ever been a wiki / comparison of the differences between the 737/787/A330 for MEL - PER? I've seen some posts in relation to J but not Y. Anyone has any preferences? Are the meals on QF9/10 the same as the other domestic ops? Travelling with a toddler, how reliable are the ipads as IFE...
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    Children's meal on QF Domestic

    Does QF load (on request) children's meals for domestic flights? If the flight in question only offers a refreshment service, is there a children's version? BTW, I'm not expecting much and my toddler can tolerate (usually) an adult meal/snack in most cases... Thanks
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    Points not crediting to QF Acct - NAB Qantas Signature

    On the last page of my Oct Statement, there was a box indicating that the QFF number is incorrect and that points have not been transferred. Looking at my QF acct indeed I am missing Sep and Oct deposits. Calling NAB today, they indicated this is a "known problem" and suggested to contact QF...
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    Claiming GST TRS travelling on QF9

    Will be travelling the whole MEL - PER - LHR. Do I claim the refund in MEL or PER? Thanks
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    What to do with 350,000 points?

    My mortgage bonus has arrived to my account. What is the best use / best conversion rate? I have no plans to add to the balance and will close the acct once the points are used up. Mrs Texter suggests cashing the points in for Coles/Woolworths card is the most practical. Suggestions?
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    Ticket to CDG July 2018

    Looking at going to CDG in July 2018. The current QF sale J fare is $7171 from MEL, however that fare is only available on EK metal. So my Qs are: 1) When is a good time to buy a ticket for 7/18? 2) QF9/10 is not discounted (currently $16k return), are the prices likely to drop at all...
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    CBR Business Lounge food

    After my meeting finishing at 5PM, I now realise that I have a good 2 hours at the airport next week before the next flt out (8:30). Given it is dinner time, would it be a wrong strategy to request an upgrade to J so that I can eat something more decent(?) in the J lounge (as opposed to the QP)...
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    New Logo QF Cards

    Are the new logo QF cards that rare? The new cards have brought me new stardom as I have already been stopped twice by check in staff to have a closer look at them!
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    Opening Hours OOL Gold Coast Qantas Club

    What are the current opening hours in the morning for the QP? Travelling back to MEL on QF881 (the 1055 dep) The QF website states (1hr prior departure), that doesn't give much time. The Qantas Club | Lounge Locations | Australia | Gold Coast Domestic Thanks
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    Travelling with a 6mth old for the first time

    Trying to bring Master Texter who would be 6mths old next month on his first plane trip to OOL.... A couple of Qs: 1) Does MEL and OOL allow you to gate check the pram/stroller? Will they bring it back up at the gate or do I need to collect at baggage claim? 2) If we have to check his...
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    Getting AA booking reference for QF codeshare flights

    I have booked on QF ticket: MEL-LAX-ORD and want to select a seat for LAX-ORD on AA. I don't remember how to obtain the AA booking reference from the QF booking reference. Can anyone help? doesn't list the AA code.
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    T-80 1E vs 1F vs 5K on refurb A332

    Only Seats left for selection for this Sat's flight QF35 I thought 1F would be better given the bench is on the isle side. What is the footwell space like for row 1? Thoughts?
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    Does Jetstar Asia interline baggage?

    Am travelling MEL-SIN-KUL on QF ticket next week. I've noticed these old threads:
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    Lost seat allocation T-30

    Double checking dep times tomorrow, (QF73) strangely my seat allocation in PE has been lost and the only remaining seat for selection is a middle seat! I did put in an upgrade request which has not been cleared. Should I presume QF will grant me an upgrade or should I get on the phone now to...
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    1hr15min transit time in DXB from QF9 -is this enough time?

    Travelling MEL-DXB-CPH. What are the odds of making this connection? (should I give up hope of lounge time?) What time do the gates typically close for EK flights at DXB? If I don’t make the connection what would EK offer? Would they make me wait 24hrs for the next EK flight or would they book...
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    Row 39 on A330 33K

    Anyone with experiences travelling in this row? In particular the leg room being the first row? I've noticed the change of cabin layout from 33G to 33K (the new layout with one fewer PE row). The seatmap on CX suggests less leg room on the newer layout, assuming it is drawn to scale.
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    Benefits of OLCI

    If one has status (ie. able to preselect a seat and have "priority" check in) AND need to check in luggage, is there value in performing OLCI before getting to the airport?
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    When is airfare cheap? MEL-WLG

    Just looking at the airfares - $248 one-way on QF for Oct. Do fares to WLG vary? Is there a way of finding out previous fare prices / sales to know?