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  1. IainF

    The 6:30am BNE-SYD is gone and I am not on it [No ESTA]

    Re: BNE-SYD-LAX-BNE VA Y US$266 on Orbitz [gone] Oh C'mon. Everyone bar Santa Claus has been blamed here for what is a simple and easily avoidable error that even the newest travellers manage to avoid. The responsibility lies only with you John, and attempting to shift blame to others is quite...
  2. IainF

    Anyone have any update on the etihad first lounge in Abu Dhabi?

    That is the man formerly known as "Boss Reggie" or "Shaun Bryan". Some people have previously questioned his statements about his travel. A google search of his name brings up things about his background that are a little different to what he claims.
  3. IainF

    You can now "waitlist" for an upgrade

    Just tried to upgrade Flexi fare BNE-CNS-BNE & there was no Z class available. The lady I spoke to at the call centre advised that as of today, I can "waitlist" for an upgrade. (Which I did) They will advise via text if successful as late as 4 hours prior to flight. The loading of my flights...
  4. IainF

    What's your fastest Requal time for Platinum?

    Mrs F & I both got 1000+ SCs flying J BNE-LAX-JFK-LAX-SFO-LAX-SYD-BNE on a double status credit offer (for the VA flights) 18 months ago. Did it in under 3 weeks. I have the screenshots of this somewhere.
  5. IainF

    SYD - LAX Flight

    Multiple flights in J to LAX from BNE in the last couple of years and I am kinda mystified as to some of the issues mentioned. I like the seat a lot. Way better than the skybed for comfort. 60+ inches of pitch means no issues with cramp, better still row 5 is the ultimate in privacy. I rate the...
  6. IainF

    VA29 777-300ER Syd-Abu in Business, Row 1 or 5??

    I fly VA J to lax every 6 months or so and have only ever sat in row 5. i prefer it due to its privacy, quietness & space. Having the curtain pulled over makes for a great sleep. The caveats are if you are travelling by yourself, you may be seated next to someone you don't know and that can be...
  7. IainF

    Valet parking - BNE warning

    I dropped off the car on Friday afternoon to the rotunda (under the Lounge) on Friday afternoon & was advised I had to go to Level 4 in the short term carpark to pick it up. OK, it's because renovations are taking place to build the new Premium Lounge entry. I was walked from the new Valet...
  8. IainF

    A330 - XFA/B - Refit?

    MrsF Flew back on XFB overnight in J from PER-BNE yesterday. We knew to ask for a R/H side seat, but it seems so does everyone else. Failure of the IFE is expected, failure of the ovens is expected, failure of the seat is expected. I know that a bad "J" experience is still better than a good...
  9. IainF

    Double VFF Points (or SCs), April-June 2014

    Double points for me.....
  10. IainF

    You can now upgrade from Saver fare with points

    Re: Upgrades from Saver I sent an email to VA last night asking some questions about the cancellation policy and got this reply.... "Dear Mr IainF Thank you for your email to Neil Thompson. The new upgrade cancellation and amendment policy only relates to the upgrade. The fare conditions...
  11. IainF

    You can now upgrade from Saver fare with points

    Re: Upgrades from Saver And then there is this as well to take place from april 8th. Upgrade Cancellation and Ammendment Policy | Velocity Frequent Flyer
  12. IainF

    You can now upgrade from Saver fare with points

    Re: Upgrades from Saver Nice pickup. This must have changed in the last 24 hours.
  13. IainF

    Is John Borghetti doing a good job?

    I was a QF Plat (and AA Exec Plat) for a number of years. I never felt I was a valued customer on QF. AA, BA & CX gave me far better treatment. MrsF started flying DJ (VA) and loved it so I swapped. I haven't looked back. One of the most interesting things about JB is that he will reply to...
  14. IainF

    UpgradeMe pricing and success

    PER-SYD on an A330 is best J class in Australia right now. Far better than anything QF is offering and far cheaper. The only exception to this is the ex Emirates planes XFAwful & XFBroken. Someone with more knowledge than me may know their current routes/whereabouts....
  15. IainF

    UpgradeMe pricing and success

    Let us know if you are successful !
  16. IainF

    Should VA have a membership status for FF's above platinum?

    I am currently at 2400 SCs with 4 months (and a J return to LAX to come) into my year. MrsF ticked over 5500 SCs last year. She did receive a nice recognition from Mr Borghetti at the end of the year, but at her level of business, a membership of The Club would be nice.
  17. IainF

    Finally! Qantas sale - companion for travel in premium classes.

    I just booked a single J on VA BNE-LAX for $4980 next week. I think VA has a better hard product (specially row 5 seating) and the soft product is equal. The lounges in BNE are the same and now we have access to *A First lounge in LAX. If you need a J seat to LAX and have no one else to go with...
  18. IainF

    What I would like Velocity to do in 2014.

    Thankyou to VFF for your reply. If I had a preference (and for my own personal convenience) the ability to do international multi-city/stop overs would be very useful. I have a few flights that I would like to book as one ticket, but currently cannot, which means I have to book separate tickets...
  19. IainF

    What I would like Velocity to do in 2014.

    I have a few items on the wish list.... 1. BNE-SIN flights 2. After you re-qual for Plat, then every OTHER re-qual in the same year gets you another 4 comp upgrades. (Ie 1600Scs get a total of 8, 3200 gets you 16 etc etc) 3. Plat/J lounge section in the lounges 4. Ability to do real/actual multi...
  20. IainF

    UpgradeMe pricing and success

    BUMP. Anyone had any luck with BNE (or Syd) to LAX for a successful bid ?