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    Free [GONE] 2x Qantas General Lounge Pass (30/4 expiry!)

    Was supposed to be travelling to the UK this week, but trip now cancelled and passes will expire before we re-book. (Little people have sporting commitments for next 6 months...) Let me know how you want to use them. If the reason is good they're yours :) They are digital so QFF number and last...
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    Anyone else having problems with booking multi-city trips?

    Hi All! I am looking at flying to UK from MEL late April, with a weekend break in Singapore on the way out, then back home direct from LHR-MEL 2 weeks later. However, the system is telling me that the SIN-LHR leg is not valid for this type of trip. Singapore is not a valid origin and London...
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    Hello Everybody!!!

    As a former Brit who has been in AUS for nearly 20 years now, having met an Aussie Backpacker who I later married, have clocked up a bit of travel over the years, and regularly travel throughout Asia on business and holidays. Thanks for having me. :-)