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    QF classic award, penalty/issues if don't complete final leg?

    A while ago I booked a classic award flight one way from tokyo haneda to canberra (comprising haneda to sydney; then connecting syd-cbr). Now my circumstances are that it is better for me to finish that trip in syd, rather than continue onto cbr. My wife called QF callcentre to find out...
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    Best use of 50k Qantas points, Europe trip on mind.

    Hi Long time forum reader, coming out of hibernation, and seeking the forum's expert advice :) I will be getting 50k Qantas points soon (ANZ Black card promo) and would like to maximise the benefit of those points. I have no other points, nor any status. I have a trip to "Europe" planned for...
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    Melbourne - 6 hours to kill

    I will be transiting through Melbourne and will have 6-7 hours to keep myself occupied, and need suggestions for what to do. The only requirements are: 1. try to keep cost to a minimum, say less than $100 all up. 2. arriving melbourne airport 2pm, need to be back at the airport around 9pm 3...
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    Tiger - Grounds for refund?

    I purchased 5 * $10 CBR-MEL tickets for my family (so $100 return all up) back when Tiger Airlines launched their services for travel on 16 August 2008. I know these are non-refundable tickets. Since then they have emailed on two separate occasions to notify me that they have had to change the...
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    Virgin Blue could go bust: redeem Velocity points now?

    Hi all, Saw this report on SMH about the possibility of VB going bust if oil prices continue to climb and VB is unable to dramatically raise airfares. Virgin Blue has to hike fares to survive, JPMorgan says What are people's views on the prospect of this happening? If you had Velocity...
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    First class flight's dead disturbing

    From SMH: First class flight's dead disturbing March 19, 2007 A passenger in first class woke up to a shock when he found himself sitting near a corpse on a British Airways flight, British newspapers reported today. Paul Trinder, 54, said cabin crew moved the body of the elderly woman from...