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    Award BNE-HKG J class?

    Hi all, Full time reader, very much part time poster here. After a couple of years flying QF, points slowly going up, my better half and I are trying to find seats in J class BNE-HKG for Nov 2008. I am QF gold, looking on the QF FF site it is a sad story. I have even tried 2009, with limited...
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    Jet Star BNE-CNS

    :) Tried out Jet Star for the first time for an over nite trip BNE-CNS-BNE due to the cost of only $100 RTN, no points but an interesting trip. Chk in at BNE Qantas Club easy, if you are not a QP member the Que was L O N G at the Jet Star area. Just made it into the first 50 to chk in, so...
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    Jet Star prob's in MKY?

    Yet again the media is on to the love to hate case of Jet Star. On Ch. 9 news in BNE " A Jet Star 717 had to do an landing in MKY as the plane was full of smoke" The truth MAYBE, of what was the case perhaps in a few days, but the mum's and dad's at home will look at this as another reason...
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    Easy 4,000 point on QF link

    Hi all, Just rtned from BNE-NTL-BNE on QF link. Untill 30 June on some routes double points are given on QF Link. Look up the QF FF page to see if there are any in your area. Ok I know for me a total time on about 5 hours on a Dash - 8 is not fun (it went via OOL) but it was worth it for...
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    4,000 points Rtn on QF Link?

    Well I am going to try it. :D Double points on some QF link flts. Just booked BNE - NTL - BNE same day to go to the magic 120,000 point level. SC are only 20 but for a low Qantas club bronze flyer, it is the points I am after, for a rtn flt to the UK perhaps? No Qantas club in NTL but I am...
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    What is the lowest FF or QC number that you have or Know of?

    Hi to all QF members. As the new boy on the block, just an idea, if there is a frequent flyer or QC member in the low numbers. As for my self I have been an a member since 93' However my No. is in the 240,000 range is there a No. 1? or even No. 10,000 ? Were the No.'s from QF given in...