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    HKG Qantas First/Business Class Lounge

    Wifi is restricted :( very poor. I need VPN. I did visit the lounge 2 weeks ago when i was in HKG and thought it was much larger and nicer and saw what looked like a very nice pizza on the food bench but was just wandering in to fill time before heading to the CX lounge for some serious lounging :)
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    No Qantas lounge in Paris - they lied!

    And so you should have had access right, as either a QP member or OWS/OWE since you were on a oneworld flight. Or was it just the point there are options ? I have no idea what my current lifetime QP membership is good for as i am OWE and will be for the next 18 months + i am LTS and on my way...
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    New 'Low Cost' Terminal for Perth

    I agree 100%, it is a terrible option to transfer in PER from Dom/Int. Even QF to QF where you don't pay it still is a worse than horrible option ! Sadly from SIN when the boom times happened last year that was often the only reasonable priced flights to MEL. (however QF10 direct once again it...
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    Overnight Transit at HKG airport

    Nice hint. Last time i stayed at the Marriott, but as JohnK has indicated they are not cheap hotels when all you want is a room for a few hours. No complaints about the hotel though, was nice.
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    Qantas to Grow A380 Fleet and Launch Melbourne-London A380 Services

    Right now there is not even F on those routes from some cities so until that re-starts i doubt an A380's for a while.
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    Upgrade question

    Depends some planes have the variable middle seat, some just a seat blocked. I was an A320 of BA the other day and it was different on either side of the cabin.
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    Amusing QF catering

    Keeping a low profile recently :) And traveling a bit. In the last month or so ad until 3rd Jan i have doneor will do SIN-HKT-SIN-DPS-SIN-HKG-LHR-IST-LHR-MCT-LHR-SIN-MNL-SIN-LHR-SFO-MIA-BOS-DFW-JFK-HKG-ICN-SIN-MEL-SYD-SIN Different airlines and a few stops in there but it all means a busy boy...
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    Taittinger Comtes de Champagne on QF F: new vintage!

    Your right, for sure worth the 140k points extra per person on a OW 35k mile award. :lol: Actually if there was more F routes i may consider it but with a limit to the number of segments in my plans offering F not a lot of point.
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    Amusing QF catering

    The JFK BA (+QF/CX) Flounge serves bacon rolls in the morning !! Just had to add that because i love them so much :) Generally if i was offered on QF the rissoles i would grab it they used to be really good.
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    Internet at AA lounges

    F/L i have always got the card. The AC that i have in the past but not this trip, anyway i was really not that worried, 7.99 for 24hrs if you must use it, but just making a note for people as i thought the AC internet was standard until now.
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    OWE Lounge Access - Qantas vs oneworld rules.

    I just went to check the J lounge in HKG, the new one, and it looks really so much better than the old, impressive, and good range of food. But at the door i showed my QF WP card and was told i could not enter unless i had a boarding pass, i said that my anytime access would allow me access but...
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    Taittinger Comtes de Champagne on QF F: new vintage!

    Sadly the closest i have come to F this year was the seat on a J ticket. And next year my award travel is planned for J as F makes no sense when the number of miles is taken into account.
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    Internet at AA lounges

    Seems there has been a change for AA to only offer the day pass internet (T-mobile) cards in the flagship lounges now although although in DFW the lady said as i was OWE she would give me one and thought that should always be the case although she did seem to think the policy was as i just...
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    CX Change fare bucket

    Best to speak to the TA first, sometimes the airline says it can't do anything till after the first flight. But some airlines can also take control and offer the fare change immediately. Just depends on the TA and airline from what i understand.
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    Tiger airways simply the worst airline

    Well SIN-HKT-SIN was just acceptable. It was cramped (seemed worse than JQ/3K), but it was mostly on-time. Its just transport, nothing more. I would only use again if the price as it was this time significantly cheaper.
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    Overseas ATM issues - no money but charged

    Sorry guys, been a bit busy recently and not reading AFF so much. Well i got my money back about 7 weeks ago... no worries.... Everything was good :) But (There is always a but...) then of course HSBC decided that they would cancel the ATM cards of anybody in 2009 who had a suspect...
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    Asking unnecessarily tough questions of Qantas...

    I hate it when that happens and i really wait to see the reply ! I would complain also in that case but then i would think of all the op-ups i have got recently and would not want to make then go away hehehe
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    Tiger airways simply the worst airline

    I guess you mainly thinking about JQ and TT where the routes may completely overlap, but 3K and TR do have different routes and times, and believe me when you require friday afternoon flights for example you sometimes have to take what you can get. And of course i would much much prefer to be...
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    Unusual visitor to KUL

    NM, Where do you stay in PJ ? i usually stay at the PJ Hilton but just wondering if anybody had other ideas. Singapore was very alive, more or less all shops open, most places have enough staff that they can accommodate the special holidays one way or another.
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    Unusual visitor to KUL

    That is an odd sight, especially since i would have thought SQ etc would have had plenty of spare capacity around, but i guess QF is maybe more favored by whoever was organising the charter. Was a busy day here in SIN as everybody was out and about, lots of familys celebrating the end of...