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  1. Scarlett

    The FR24 appreciation thread

    I think it's time for a thread where posts about interesting things found on FR24 can be posted. Things like unusual activity, unusual flight paths, different aircraft and such. Maybe even sky art such as QF drawing giant kangaroos with their flight path (or Russians with a c#ck n balls).
  2. Scarlett

    Aviation cakes

    I didn't know this was a thing: cakes to celebrate a new route. Anyone been lucky enough to taste a slice of one of these cakes?
  3. Scarlett

    CBR-SYD restarting

    Looks like VA are back on the quick CBR-SYD route from 22 Feb. Just looking for flights to MEL and options via SYD are coming up. B737 being used. Only a couple of flights each day. And a VA email mentions CBR lounge being reopened soon, so I guess that'll be from 22 Feb as well.
  4. Scarlett

    One international flight that did get away - SANTA1

    From FR24 Hohoho indeed. Merry Christmas to all on AFF.
  5. Scarlett

    WA mines

    I figure there must be some people amongst this group who know these kind of details, maybe due to being in the FIFO game, or having been. Certainly there seems an over abundance of rock loving types... they've probably spent some time out there. Anyway, I've noticed the morning explosion of...
  6. Scarlett

    What is going on here? [HEX call sign on FR24]

    Anyone care to guess what is going on here? Surely has to be aerial survey of some sort? But if so, why the apparent hex id for a call sign and no other details. And doing 380kts at low level (after taking this image it was below 1000ft). Water bomber fighting fires?
  7. Scarlett

    How well do you know your airline livery?

    My last isolation distraction was about how well you know your airport codes. This time it's a little different: how well can you identify an airline from a 'piece' of its livery? Most are fairly well known airlines, but the difficulty will probably come about as the images weren't the easiest...
  8. Scarlett

    How well do you know your airports

    FORget your COVID-19 and your VA in VOLuntary adminISTration for a while and GET your thinKINg caps on, to SEE who KNOws their airpoRTS. First group is the warm up: score 1 point for knowing the correct airport from these ten. Second group is where we get the grey matter working: score two...
  9. Scarlett

    How are we (Australia) going to pay for this COVID-19 spending?

    Genuine question. I'm not an economist and suggest I know as much about national finance and the economy as the average person, ie: when I hear anything about 'macro economic reform' I just really hear 'blah, blah, blah, it's definitely not a Ponzi scheme, blah, blah..'. But I've been...
  10. Scarlett

    Cheaper regional flights in WA - apparently

    An incentive of the WA Govt appears to be making regional airfares on the state slightly cheaper by splashing around some subsidies: I wonder if there will be any...
  11. Scarlett

    VA safety announcement with background music

    When did the new announcement with the background music start? First noticed it flying SYD-TSV late last year, but having now heard it a few times, I'm finding it a little annoying. Also, either the cabin speakers have a little distortion or the person used for the recording had a slight lisp.
  12. Scarlett

    Bouquets to Avianca

    Credit where it's due for Avianca, as there are soooo many foibles that make them an otherwise tedious airline to deal with: I tried to make a regular booking on AV (great deal...more on that later) rather than through Lifemiles, but surprise, surprise, the website was making it difficult for...
  13. Scarlett

    Ad covering display?

    Is this new, the horrible little ad being constantly presented and changing size at the bottom of a mobile device screen? It covers content and is overly annoying. A further attempt to incentivise paying, to remove ads?
  14. Scarlett

    QR906 into CBR eqpt change

    I wonder if this is a one off aircraft sub or a change of equipment for the early morning DOH-SYD arrival QR906, that subsequently flies on to CBR. We normally see it on finals for CBR when riding bikes down to school with Mstr Scarlett shortly before 0900 and the usual B773 has a pretty...
  15. Scarlett

    Can you check baggage at Changi airside transfer desks?

    I've booked my better half a connection at SIN arriving MH J and then departing SQ Y+ (VA award booking). I'll also be booking her a layover in the airport hotel to get some decent sleep. Now, whilst I know she can check in and collect her onwards boarding pass at the SQ Transfer Desks, can she...
  16. Scarlett

    Travel to HKG or nearby soon - likely typhoon 1-2Aug19

    For anyone travelling to HKG or nearby in the Pearl River Delta / Hainan Is area, you might want to reconfirm flights. Tropical storm Whipha is due to become a Cat 1 Typhoon in the next few hours and is tracking to hit the Chinese coast over the next day or so. The storm was named by Japan and...
  17. Scarlett

    How did it get so complicated?

    So, it seemed a fairly simple exercise at the start, but at some point along the way I realised things might have gotten a little out of hand, or maybe I'm just channelling a number of different threads on here. This post is probably part planning stage for a "Trip Report", part "You know...
  18. Scarlett

    Current Air NZ safety video

    After a string of excellent safety videos over the last few years (Safety in Paradise in the Cook Islands, All-Blacks themed, LOTR themed) I had to cringe over the last couple of flights I've taken with NZ at their current safety video. It's supposed to sound like a rap about the safety features...
  19. Scarlett

    Using TT Line Spirit of Tasmania ferry

    So I know this is sacrilegious on a FF site, but I have to get my car off the island... and I’m flying to get down there at least. Is there any commentary about using the ferry from Devonport to Melbourne? Is the night sailing better than day? I’ll have Mrs and Mstr Scarlett as well and am...
  20. Scarlett

    News story of the year

    If Vladimir Putin has any sense of occasion he’d have a large Russian Air Force jet planned to fly to Chiang Rai in the next few days, with an invitation for the Thai soccer team boys and their families to be guests of the Russian Government at the World Cup final. Just hope the good news keeps...