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    Qantas poster

    Qantas A380 poster in todays Sunday Herald Sun.
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    Citibank Plus - Fee Waiver Now $3000

    "To avoid paying the Monthly Account Keeping fee ("Monthly Fee") after 31 December 2007, you will need to deposit a coughulative amount of $3,000 (such as your salary) directly into your Citibank Plus Transaction Account each month." It says "such as salary". So you can still transfer $3000 from...
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    Bankwest More

    I am looking at the new Bankwest More rewards Card BankWest - BankWest More Rewards there is a classic (1 pt per dollar, capped 150,000 points), gold (1.5 per dollar capped 200,000 pts) and platinum (2 pts per dollar, capped 400,000) i read in the pds...
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    Citibank Plus - Fee Waiver Now $3000

    Hi, Worth mentioning: 1. HSBC offer 5 free withdrawals at non-HSBC ATMs. 2. You are all better off having a CMA Plus account offered by Citigroup Wealth Advisors. It does not have the linked account but it offers 4.75% interest rate on all balances, Visa Debit card and so on, unlimited ATM...
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    Price Gouging - Sydney Accomodation NYE

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    Home Loan And Credit Card Interest Free!

    Yeh what is this all about? Care to provide a link at minimum as to what the offer entails?
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    ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum Card

    I see ANZ have launched their Qantas ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum Card. Credit Cards & Visa Debit – ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa Their points ratio is the same as the gold, which is disappointing. The only difference is Platinum Privileges and Travel Insurance. Any one want to compare the ANZ...
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    Platinum Promotion

    Don't forget if you belong to CPA, LIV, APESMA etc you are entitled to the reduced fee of $295.
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    Platinum Promotion

    New Platinum Promotion by Amex, although IMHO the Rewards Maximiser is better since it has uncapped points and fee-free for the first year. SOOIAQ0003_Dior_Campaign - GOLD
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    2 Secret AMEX Tips

    JohnK, If you type "Nelly Mobbs" in google, the first result you have is Nelly Mobbs referred to as being a "she" in the Flyertalk forums: nelly mobbs - Google Search Regards dgruber
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    2 Secret AMEX Tips

    Sorry if this is OT, but who else has ordered their Boony & Beefy dolls? NM - I presume you would ?
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    2 Secret AMEX Tips

    LOL I assumed she due to NM's "big bus" but hey you learn something new, every day. BTW, JohnK and everyone else: Happy December :) Perhaps time for admin to change the forum to "RED" for the festive season"?
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    2 Secret AMEX Tips

    The thread topic is misleading, so don't make a habit of it though as you don't want to "mislead or engage in deceptive conduct" :P.... (Relax, I am not biting). :evil: Seriously though, welcome to the forum - you will find a wealth of knowledge here. However one person who really stands out is...
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    [Offer Closed]: Citibank Gold NO ANNUAL FEE FOR LIFE

    For those who haven't noticed, Citibank has removed the and simply redirects to the main Citibank website. But /gold_nofee_B.htm /gold_nofee_C.htm and /gold_no_feeD.htm are still working no problem. I think its due to them updating their...
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    After a wait since Dec 05, today I received my card which was mailed to my office. I am pleased that I am cleared for ALL 17 economies. The main hold up was with China (PRC) and Peru. I am really glad about China :) My boss suggests that India should come on board. The quality of the card...
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    [Offer Closed]: Citibank Gold NO ANNUAL FEE FOR LIFE

    Beardoc, See my next post. Granted your wallet may get stolen and the thief wil see your drivers licence. But refer to my example regarding the dishonest waiter - he could copy your photo while you aren't watching. (this is merely by handing your card over, and not having your wallet stolen at...
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    [Offer Closed]: Citibank Gold NO ANNUAL FEE FOR LIFE

    This is true. But you wouldn't carry your passport around with you everyday like a credit card though. But why have yet another photo ID? Some examples why I would NOT have it include but not limited to: If you give your card to a dishonest waiter they could not only skim your card number...
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    [Offer Closed]: Citibank Gold NO ANNUAL FEE FOR LIFE

    Would you like a potential thief to see your photograph on your card? I wouldn't.
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    AMEX 17,500 points offer

    Jenelle Contact Amex via the BFSO:$file/nonbanks_consumerlist.pdf
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    Who's cancelled their Velocity credit card?

    Andrew The NAB "no annual fee" Amex is at,,76985,00.html So you wont have to pay an annual fee and you can retain the credit limit.