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  1. MadFairlane

    Super serious, non-serious question... About Golf...

    So, planning on a golfing adventure with a mate in about 6 weeks time and have been looking at golf travel bags. Any suggestions from resident travelling golfers? Should I go with a hard or soft case? Personal recommendations? So far I am liking a soft case from Maxfli, which will hold my...
  2. MadFairlane

    Quick Question Re: VA arrival into PER

    Evening all, Back to PER on Monday, haven't been since jan... Which terminal is VA using now? Will be on the A330 service from BNE. Just so I can let my colleagues know where to pick me up from. Thanks MadFairlane
  3. MadFairlane

    Hertz Gold Service in PER

    Afternoon all, Just a quick question. Does Hertz have Gold Service like SYD/BNE etc in PER? Or is it just Gold Counter service. Cheers, MF.
  4. MadFairlane

    San Francisco - how bad is it really?

    So, with our upcoming USA trip we've recently booked our accomodation in San Francisco... at the Clift Hotel. Apparently this is at the start of the "tenderloin" area which is supposedly a bit sketchy?? How bad is San Fran really? Is it as dangerous as everyone makes out?
  5. MadFairlane

    Status credit earning on Delta

    So I've been looking at my flight options to the US and have found the following. The flights would book as BNE - MCO, MCO - LAS, SFO - BNE The routing though is as below. BNE - SYD SYD - LAX LAX - MCO MCO - ATL ATL - LAS SFO - LAX LAX - BNE All booked through Delta, with Delta flight...
  6. MadFairlane

    BNE-MCO, whats easiest [with a DJ earning preference]

    Evening all, So my wife and I are travelling to the US for our first trip there next April. We can leave either 14th or 15th April 2012, and our first stop is Orlando for a week. I'm trying to suss out the best way to get there, and was looking for ideas. I'm DJ Gold, so would like to stick...
  7. MadFairlane

    New guy in town...

    Evening, Long time lurker, first time poster :) Been keeping an eye on the site for a while now, decided to get involved a bit more. Starting to do more and more business flights, and appreciate the pointers available here. Waste too much money flying and on old cars... but hey, it better...