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    MOJO Electricity

    After churning through Red Energy for Qantas points, I'm switching over to Mojo for the next quarter. Rates seem quite good, and they've got an easy and free process for installing a smart meter. Does anyone have a referral link? I'd rather use somebody here than a random off Ozbargain.
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    ANZ 30% Velocity Bonus

    Should the 30% Velocity bonus from ANZ this month go in instantly? I've sent my ANZ points over and they arrived a few days ago, but no sign of the bonus :(
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    Someone needs to remind Citi about the new cancellation request laws!

    Someone needs to remind Citi about the new cancellation request laws. I’ve asked my “complaints case manager” four times to cancel a card and keep getting excuses like “we didn’t mean to make this error” and “if I close it I won’t be able to reinstate it”. I actually do want the damn thing closed !
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    Booking cars with Expedia

    Just seeing if anyone else has had any experience with this. I've recently completed numerous car hire bookings made via Expedia with a few different providers (Hertz, Avis and Budget) in South Africa. At the time of booking, i've been given a confirmation that says $xx_.xx AUD with a note...
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    CC Coverage for 'seperate "windscreen and tyre" insurance option'?

    Sorry... hate bumping an old thread but it saves asking a new question. Car hire co's seem to now charge a seperate "windscreen and tyre" coverage option, and if you bust a tyre or smash the winscreen, they charge you actual costs instead of the excess. My Westpac Black card covers me for...
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    South Africa Traffic Fine

    It seems I've managed to get pinged for speeding in the Western Cape. About 2 months after renting a car with Avis, I noticed a charge on my Amex for 325 rand. I emailed Avis to query what it was, and got a once sentence reply that just said "it's the admin fee for the traffic fine on the...
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    Security Screening Fun in Perth

    Had a rather odd interaction at PER yesterday... While walking to T1 security screening, I was pulled up before reaching the x-ray machine and "randomly selected" for an explosives trace test (usually get this after the x-ray). I went off to the bench, put my stuff out as usual and waited for...
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    Business Class Meal Selection - “passenger doesn’t have a confirmed ticket”

    Has anyone seen this before....? I’ve got the last sector of a one world award coming up tomorrow. This is the only sector on Qantas. Passenger 1 has been able to select meals correctly however passenger 2 has a note that says “meal selection is not available as this passenger does not have a...
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    Escaping Bali

    For those of you who know me personally, you’d know how much I dislike Bali. But... with some serious renovations going on at home (and the better half and I stressed to almost breakdown level), we needed a quick escape. And 4 more VA sectors to retain platinum. A luxury escape voucher for a...
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    Amex Explorer Travel Insurance

    So much for relying on American Express insurance for travel.... Stranded in Bali ATM as a result of the volcano. Amex have advised they consider this to be only a “travel inconvenience”, so provide no cover for accommodation or flights. Virgin have said they can’t get us out for days, and Amex...
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    QF/QR Ticketing Delay

    Sorry for creating a new thread, but I'm just getting a little concerned regarding a QF ticket reissue. Due to a schedule change, I needed to change some QR sectors of a one world award. This was done earlier this afternoon. I did stress to the person on the phone that they would need to...
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    Has anyone else noticed a drop in Amex customer service

    I've always been really impressed with Amex and their service, but has anyone else noticed a serious drop off of late? Whenever I've contacted them in the past, I've managed to get onto somebody who takes responsibility and deals with the issue. Whenever I contact them now, the person I speak...
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    BA Award availability gone?

    I was just about to book a oneworld award that includes travel on BA from LHR-KEF. It seems that most BA availability on has disappeared. There are a few flights to and from the US, but everything within Europe had disappeared. Seats are available when checking, but Qantas has...
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    Free Platinum Card Upgrade

    I've got the platinum awards card that I never use but maintain for the travel insurance (I like that you can be issued a certificate) and for Amex shop small. Partner has the standard awards card which we only keep for shop small (at $60 a year... it more than pays for itself.) 2 new platinum...
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    Seat selection for VA WP

    I've just booked one of the directors on SQ SYD-SIN-PVG and back (in Y). They are VA WP. You'll have to excuse my ignorance as my SQ experience is non-existant. On the legs to and from Australia, the seat maps are showing every seat allocated except for the exit rows (which it wants to charge...
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    Excessive Surcharges after 1 Sep

    Just thought I'd do a bit of a running survey to see which major corporations are still charging excessive surcharges post the 1 Sep ACCC deadline. So far I've crossed; Vodafone - 2.15% TPG - 3.13% These have not changed at all since the 1 Sep cutoff
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    ANA - 5 Star Airline?

    Just thought I'd post a little feedback on a recent SYD-HND-PEK-HND-SYD (J) booked using LifeMiles. Total cost was about $2200 return so I can't complain too much really. I'd never flown ANA before and had very high expectations given the "5 Star Airline" title that they push. SYD-HND Checkin...
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    Can anyone recommend a travel agent for South Africa

    On my last few SA safari trips I have booked directly with &Beyond (the camp operator), however I have since been told that this was fairly stupid of me as the private travel agents get discounts of about 15% on the standard rates. I'm looking to do a few Africa trips over the next year so...
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    Catering on VA DPS services

    It's not my usual destination of choice, but I have a weekend off and some fairly ok economy fares are available on VA to Bali. I know Bali now has a "meal and beverage" service, but it also lists that items are available for sale off the menu still. I'm assuming you'll get a meal with a...
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    Best way to obtain new USD notes (or best $$$ for Burma)

    I've got a trip to Burma coming up thanks to the recent United promo. I've been told I need brand new USD notes. I have several grand in cash available, however they're all used 20s. Is there an easy way to either swap them for new notes or withdraw new notes from the US? (I'll be in LA before...