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    Velocity app

    Just got an email from Velocity promoting its latest app, the write up sounded good so I thought I would give it a go. Lord behold not many users , and then this, This app is incompatible with all your devices. Lol. Is this their way at trying to force us who are not interested in getting the...
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    Refusal to complete an IPC what is the penalty?

    Hi all, Does anyone know what the penalty for the refusal to fill in/Or sign the IPC card on arrival back to Australia by an Australian citizen. Where can the penalty's list be found online, and can said passenger be held in detention and refused entry into their own country. Don't ask why...
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    No boarding call announced

    Hi all, Last week I had a flight CNS to Goldcoast, checked in online arrived at the airport approx 1hour before departure time. flight time for departure was 2.55pm I decided to have a small coffee and snack at the Coffeeworks restaurant. at the food court section, there are no monitors for...
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    Awarded points [get points for companion's travel]

    I'm about to book a flight for my self and friend on Singapore airlines my friend is not a member of Krisflyer, will I be eligible for award points for the two of us or just myself, since I will be paying all the fare with my CC card. Also with the free travel insurance connected with my card...
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    Citibank Credit card increase.

    Hi all, just got an email of an instant $10000.00 increase on my Signature CC if I would like to accept it. Is this a good offer to take up, has anyone else has had the same offer , and have accepted it. What are pit falls if any? Easy money, must be a catch somewhere. Thoughts.
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    Manila airport transfers T2 to T3 fastest way

    Hi all I will be flying from Davao to Bangkok with Philippine Airlines to Manila arrive 19.20 than on Cebu air to Bkk 21,25, I have about 2 hours after landing in Manila to connect , I have only hand luggage what's the fastest way to get to T3. and will I make in time Thanks in advance.
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    Swollen ankles and calves

    Hi all recently returned from Adelaide to Cairns and noticed my calfs and ankles were a bit swollen which is pretty normal after a flight for me, they go down after 24 hours or so , but not this time, they have been swollen and a bit sore the old calf's for about 5 days now, did seen a doc has...
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    Fair Car hire prices

    Hi All I'll be heading to Adelaide town in Jan and want to hire a car from the airport, I got a real shock a few years back when I got the final bill with all these extra charges thrown in on top when I returned it. So is there a company out there that don't try to stitch you up and can give a...
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    Visa payment via Paypal

    Hi all I recently purchased a OS airfare for next year via my paypal account using my citibank signature visa card would I still be eligible for the free international travel insurance paying that way? And if I am, is this free insurance worthwhile or should one buy travel insurance separately...
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    Claiming points from other airlines for Virgin velocity points

    Hi all, Currently in Central America. And am wondering if I am entitled to velocity points as I flew Delta airline Lax to Cancun. Also from Belize to Nicaragua with Avianca airlines are they part of the Virgin partners. Since I paid for all the fares for 3 can I also claim points for the...
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    Do we need a visa transiting through the USA to Mexico

    Hi All, Our party of 3 will be flying to Cancun in Aug, Bris to LA than on to Cancun on the same day , (yes long flight I know), Question, do we need a visa while in transit waiting for our flight to Cancun. Cheers in advance Johnnyk
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    Check you Citibank credit card statment

    Hi all Just wanted to let you know that I had interest charges and some sort of late fee recently on my CC statement from Citibank, when I just came back from OS recently. Quickly I was on the blower to CB and was told that the charges was for late payment to my CC, as payment was made on a...
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    Lost cairns airport parking ticket

    Hi guys, I have lost my public Cairns airport parking ticket, Is there away to get around not paying the min $20 per day for lost tickets, do they record the rego numbers of vehicles that stay over night How do they know how many days a car has been parked in the park. any advised is appreciated.
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    Citibank Finally come to the party

    Hi all, After twice getting rejected for the Annual Fee Free for life Gold Card. I was ready to close my exsisting Gold Card visa card that I had with them for the last 7 years. Firstly I called my accountant to see if they called him, they didn't. I called 13 24 84 and asked why I was...
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    I'm p..sed off at Jetstar

    Iv'e just booked a flight with Jetstar for my son to visit me up here in North Queensland went through all the procedures on there site put his name in etc, submited paid checked my comfirmation email from jetstar about 20 min later found that my name was on the ticket instead of my sons, how da...
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    Mt Kilimanjaro

    Hi all, I'm on a mission to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in Sept 07 and am thinking to use Ethiopian Airlines flying from Bangkok-kili-Bangkok,the fares are about $1124 aust return.The aircraft on this flight is a Boeing 767, whats this plane like, has anyone here flown on this airline...