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    Jetstar - Always Late?

    Perhaps surprisingly, in my last 10 or so flights with Jetstar only one has been late, all the others bang on schedule...
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    How many countries have you visited?

    Australia Austria Belgium Canada Czech Republic England France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary India* Italy Macedonia Monaco Netherlands New Zealand Poland Serbia Singapore Slovakia Sweden Switzerland USA Vatican Wales *Transit only Aiming for double this in the next few years!
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    Brisbane Domestic

    I don't think I have had a swipe request at MEL for about 3 years...
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    Free wireless in the QP

    Just for info had no problems getting connected in BNE THU evening with a half full QP and the connection/dl speed was fine.
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    Qf Olci

    In that case I won't bother with OLCI if no printer handy and only carry on. Thanks for the answer John.
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    Qf Olci

    If I check in online but don't have access to a printer ie hotel, can I then print my boarding pass using Quickcheck at the AP?
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    Advertising in the QANTAS Club - NO MORE PLEASE!

    Staff there last Tuesday were v nice..just like the wine..totally unlike the Amex pests.
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    Advertising in the QANTAS Club - NO MORE PLEASE!

    Last Tuesday Arvo near gates 4-6 there was free wine testing...nice drop!!
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    Advertising in the QANTAS Club - NO MORE PLEASE!

    I have the QF Ultimate card, but that was not good enough for one rep...tried to convince me to what I do not know...and neither did he!
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    Jetstar's Biggest Ever Sale Event

    Yes I got 2 bookings. Had 2be extremely patient and many page refreshes...
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    How Long for AA flights to Show up on Qantas FF

    I did some (6) recently too. All posted 3 or 4 days after being flown.
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    Form an orderly queue

    Actually, no accidents or fatilities (yet) with the B777. Newer model airplanes are (naturally) rated safer then older models. The accident rate for boeing vs airbus is similar when all is taken into account.
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    Qantas Premium card 'vs' Gold Rewards Maximizer

    I recently swapped from a "normal" AMEX to a Qantas Ultimate card using the online application form. I had to fill in all the usual full application questions, however the new card arrived in about a week and no employee or id checks were done...that I know of. Old card was automatically...
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    card arrival

    I applied online and received my card in under 2 it doesn't seem to be consistant. I was already an AMEX customer don't know if that makes a difference.
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    Survey results - worst plane habits

    On reclining.... I had an interesting one today. 2 x people in front of me decided to recline fully immediately after the FA sat down in preparation for take off, and left it reclined during take off. Now I wonder how common that is ? Felt like reporting them but didn't....
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    Narita OW Lounge Access - which one?

    Hmm, haven't seen it but am very curious. Any chance your video is on-line somewhere?
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    Lounge access in Hong Kong

    Excellent, thanks for the info, looking forward to it!
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    Lounge access in Hong Kong

    I will be travelling on QF30 London-Melbourne in the next month or so. There is a 1.5HR stop over in HK. Does anyone know which gate blocks (in HK) this flight is likely to use? After reading this thread I am hoping to check out the CX F lounge, that is, if there is time & it's nearby.
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    Qantas Frequent Flyer Amex Card

    It's still on and you don't have to go to a terminal. My life. My card. But you have to apply by 01/02/2007 ! It' not fee free though includes 17500 points deal
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    Best card for FF and low fees?

    Look's like it is @ Citibank Gold Card In fact I just signed up through this link.