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    How are you keeping your amplify points alive?

    You can use ZIP pay to pay the government fee then use dragon to pay back the zip account for points. this way bypassed CC government fee no points rules.
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    Local champion gone?

    My old amex card still have it but new Amex card don't.
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    DJ Amex Hilton Honors transfer gone?

    Yes. Hilton Honors also disappeared in my DJ amex.
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    Best way of keeping a minors account active without flying?

    install qantas wellbeing app on your phone and earn points without fly.
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    AMEX platinum Accor plus reinstated

    I spend 5+ nts in Sofitel Hyland Shanghai each year, they upgrade me to Prestige Suite nearly 50% chance.
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    AMEX platinum Accor plus reinstated

    You can apply A/C CARD under your name with new metallic card, I just rang them couple minutes ago.
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    AMEX platinum Accor plus reinstated

    One of your Supplementary Card Members will also receive complimentary membership to Priority Pass,
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    Vigin status upgrade when transferring points

    Charge card only, only worth if you have 750k+ = 40% bonus to VA then transfer to SQ. otherwise forget it.