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  1. Dec1971

    Virgin Valet Parking - Sydney - flight delays

    I put my car in to the Virgin Valet Parking at SYD on Tuesday, just gone for three days, booked online and paid what I think is a very fair $189 (from memory). Returning on Friday from Launceston we were one of the many thousands of pax impacted by the strong winds and subsequent single runway...
  2. Dec1971

    Which flights SYD-SIA-LHR have new business class?

    Taking the family back to the UK for a break next week and trying to work out which of our legs might have the new fit-out in business. The four legs: SQ222, SQ322, SQ321, SQ221 If anyone can point me in the direction of a resource online which gives me this info I would be most grateful. Cheers
  3. Dec1971

    Carry on luggage overload!!!!!!

    Flew back from Melbourne this afternoon on VA849, flight delayed while they had to remove approximately 12 carry on bags and put them in the hold as there was no more room in the main cabin. When will airlines start to crack down on the amount of carry on luggage some passengers take on board...
  4. Dec1971

    Etihad First Class - Suites on Syd to Abu Dhabi leg?

    Hi to everyone. I want to treat my father who lives in London to a first class return flight to Sydney and am looking at a great first class fare on Etihad. This time last year I flew Etihad first class Syd-LHR-SYD via Abu Dhabi. Now this was about the time they introduced their new first class...
  5. Dec1971


    Dec1971 here, been reading for a while and decided to join up so that I might be able to add something. I am a regular interstate flyer based in Sydney, plus do the Sydney/London trip a few times a year. Hi to everyone ;)