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    Zuji WTF??

    Okay, check out below and tell me I'm not crazy. I'm looking for cheap seats so I go to Zuji because Travelocity (who own Zuji) won't accept bookings from a NZ IP. I look for a return flight from Paris to NY. BA is the cheapest, stopping at LHR first. Great, I actually could skip Paris and go...
  2. TravelCheap

    ZUJI / Thai Airways Question

    I'm looking for the cheapest business seats AKL-LHR in Sept and the best on offer is from Thai. But by looking at Seat Guru I see that Thai don't have lie-flat seats on all their planes, just some. And I can't tell on Zuji which plane the Thai flight is operating. Or have I missed something...
  3. TravelCheap

    Travelocity ~ get what i'm paying for

    Hi, a newbie from New Zealand here .... I'm trying to go to London from Auckland (direct) on Sept 22, returning to NZ by Oct 22. I thought I'd fly pack from Paris and stop off in Singapore or Malaysia for a week at Club Med. I actually wanted to go to Tokyo but that seems impossible (unless I...