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    Refunds to cancelled cards after sign up bonus has been received.

    I am a regular card churner. I also regularly cruise or travel and plan card application in oder to book cruises with my new card to quickly meet minimum spend, receive bonus points and churn. All has been going well and we have managed to fly many times in J to reach or return from our...
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    What happens when you have a credit returned to a card after receiving bonus pts.

    I have recently had a reimbursement to a closed card due to a refund on a purchase. The company could only refund to the card used for purchase. I then contacted the bank concerned and they are transferring the refund from the closed card to my bank account. As I churn plenty of cards I am...
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    Sydney-Tianjin-Bangkok-Turkey-Greek Islands-Norway by cruiseship, flights and ferries.

    After contributing to and enquiring in a number of threads on this great forum I was encouraged many times to include a trip report. So here goes for my first attempt. The trip plan. Cruise. Sydney to Singapore 14 nights, Singapore-Singapore 5 nights, Singapore-Tianjin 12 nights on Ovation...
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    Westpac Black Altitude Bonus points.

    Westpac have a current 80000 Qantas or Altitude points bonus offer but you are ineligible for the bonus points if you hold or have held a Altitude Black or Altitude Platinum in the previous 12 months. Pointhacks has a current deal where you get an extra 20000 points on top of the 80000 if you...
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    Velocity reward tickets from China to Europe with Alitalia or other options.

    Has anyone had any success booking reward redemptions with Alitalia. I am interested in booking some reward tickets from China to Europe next May after finishing a reposition cruise from Sydney to Beijing. The best option would be to Athens which connects via Rome and fits in the 4,800-5,800...
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    Bonus offers when converting other credit card points to Velocity.

    I am a new Velocity member who also has a Commbank diamond awards Amex. I receive 3pts per $ spend on the Amex but only 1 pt per $ spend on my Amex Velocity platinum. Usually end up with over 100k points per year. I believe the conversion rate for my Commbank pts to Velocity is 2:1. So I plan...