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    12 month waiting period: What about an additional card holder?

    I want to apply for an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Credit Card. But I had an "additional card" attached to my wife's ANZ Black Card account until she closed her account 3 months ago. I know my wife will have to wait for another 9 months before she can apply again but do I also need to wait 9 months?
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    Surprise new fees at ticketing of classic award

    Is this normal?: I booked an around the world classic award (Oneworld, economy) for myself and 2 kids back in December. I was charged $1498 in fees. I added some flights in January and was charged more fees ($629) - plus I used points to cover the Change Fees and International Service Fees. They...
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    Oneworld award RTW flights: Are code share flights included?

    I'm planning a Oneworld award (RTW) trip and I'm wondering whether Oneworld codeshare flights are included. i.e. the ones that show up as red lines on the oneworld interactive network map. Help appreciated.
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    Classic Award fuel surcharges

    I've been a Qantas Frequent Flyer member for many years and have enjoyed many classic award flights including an around the world trip for my family in 2010. I have been a regular visitor to this Discussion Board but have only now become a member. My wife and I have managed to accumulate...