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  1. Nobby

    Emirates not a TRUE redemption partner?

    When I called a few weeks ago to enquire about redeeming points for an Emirates flight (CAI-xDXB-ADD), the agent told me there we now seats available on Emirates. I asked her to look at different dates and different routes, but she simply said "there's no need to -- Emirates has never released a...
  2. Nobby

    Can I earn points on AA but use the benefits of my QFF WP status?

    I've finally been tipped over to AAdvantage. The final straw was trying to redeem points only to find the fuel surcharges are so high that compared to buying a fare outright from a different airline, I'm only saving about $25, max $50 per 10,000 points. Compare this to my redemptions of...
  3. Nobby

    Hotel for overnight layover question

    A bit of a newbie question, but I've never been in this situation before, and it's pretty stressful. I'll be flying on Air China tomorrow, SYD-PEK-FCO. Unfortunately there's an overnight layover in Beijing... my flight from Sydney arrives at 11:05pm (CA 178), and my flight to Rome leave the...
  4. Nobby

    Are BMED flights to Central Asia available on a xONEx?

    The xONEx fare rules list BA affiliate British Mediterranean (BMED) as one of the carriers that can be used. A large proportion of BMED's flights are to Central Asia, but it's not clear to me what region Central Asia is considered to be in: Europe/Middle East, or Asia? Are there certain...
  5. Nobby

    Has anyone sold frequent flyer miles to JetSet before?

    So there's this American company, JetSet, that acts as a mileage brokerage. People with miles they want to sell get in touch with them, and then they put you in their database. They then find a customer who say wants to fly JFK-LHR J class. Rather than paying $4,000 for a "normal" ticket...
  6. Nobby

    Has anyone considered crediting Qantas flights to US Air DM?

    I was looking at US Air's earn partner page, and saw that you could credit Qantas flights to the US Air Divident Miles program! Has anyone considered doing this? US Air is in Star Alliance, so you could consolidate both Qantas and *A flights into just one program! Is there some catch to...
  7. Nobby

    Program selection,and where to credit an upcoming EK flight?

    I have an EK flight coming up soon, and I'm faced with the choice of where to credit it. The more I think about it, the more I'm rethinking my overall program strategy. So I thought I'd lay it out here, and get feedback on it, both overall and whether Skywards should be one of the programs I...
  8. Nobby

    Which airlines allow re-faring?

    Very interesting post over at the Upgrade Travel Blog (via Gary Leff): Apparently if you buy a ticket, and the price goes down, United and US Air will give you a voucher for the difference (only upon request, of...
  9. Nobby

    QFF RTW award?

    Is there a RTW award available with QFF? I don't see one on the QFF website, but I think someone mentioned one before. If so, what are the RTW fare types available, and what is the point cost for the different classes of service? Thanks a lot!
  10. Nobby

    So how much are points worth?

    Looking through the Velocity website, I can see that points have an exact $$ value... 1 point = x cents, and you use those points to pay for the fare based on current ticket prices, rather than there being a fixed point cost for a fare. The question is, what is "x" in that equation?? I...