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    Several Prestige Credit Card Benefits to be Eliminated Jan 2020 (And I'm Not Happy!)

    Re complimentary airport transfers. In December my (1 out of 2) airport transfer was in the free area in Perth. In January my exact same location to airport transfer came with an additional $9usd charge. Not only has the number halved but the cost has gone up.
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    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    The answer to my question doesn’t really matter. I have determined it won’t be open so not an option anymore.
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    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    Perth Airport lounge - has anyone flying J on SQ used the air New Zealand lounge instead of the Singapore lounge? If so which is the better for room and food?
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    Luxury Travel Agent Recommendations?

    Thank you for the clarification
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    Luxury Travel Agent Recommendations?

    If using virtuoso to book four rooms at the same place for three nights, do you receive four times hotel credit as they are four stays or only one as it is one booking? I realise it is not one per night.
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    Unique and unusual travel experiences

    Zeppelin over Bodensea Niagara Falls from the Bomb bay of a Mitchell B25 Vespa (very underpowered) up Montserrat Trabi through Berlin (I second that experience) Remote and uninhabited Pacific Island with someone who landed there on his 18th birthday in WW11 - a very small group of us WW1...
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    Redemption under maiden or married name?

    I am wanting to make a redemption booking in my daughters name. She will be changing to her married name in March, I want to make the booking now to fly in December 2019. If I make it under her current Krisflyer number (has no points or activity) I have to use her maiden name and pay a change of...
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    Rail Fly Germany Assistance please

    Thank you for your help everyone. After lots of phone calls and emails with no one knowing what department was involved, I emailed the German office. This deal is only available for bookings originating in Germany. They are unsure why it shows on the Australian site. I made my booking and will...
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    Rail Fly Germany Assistance please

    Thank you for your offer Michel, however part of the reason for using the rail fly Singapore Air option is this on their website Plan ahead Take the stress out of your trip by booking your Rail-Fly ticket in advance. We’ll take care of all your travel plans for you, including the best train...
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    Rail Fly Germany Assistance please

    Rail-Fly Has anyone done this? Ideally I want to go to and from the Netherlands but flights there are prohibitive on my dates. This may be a good option. I’m struggling to get information from SIA about rail destinations from FRA. I’ve phoned and emailed reservations but they say it’s handled...
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    Amex, Business Charge Card benefits and conditions (travel ins)

    Do the reserve points post to the same rewards program as the charge card? Is it a business or personal card? It's hard to get information.
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    Hertz Dublin Airport - Gold member

    I have read conflicting details of Hertz pickup from Dublin Airport as a gold member. Will we need to catch a shuttle from Terminal 1 arrivals to the main Hertz pickup or will the car be delivered closer? If we need the shuttle do we need to go to the inside terminal counter to do the paperwork...
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    Having trouble getting travel insurance (EU) for controlled Heart Failure.Any ideas?

    Re: Having trouble getting travel insurance (EU) for controlled Heart Failure.Any ide RAC may also be a possibility
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    Can I farm points any other way?

    Google says you have a Woolworths (if so you are definitely not isolated by our standards). If you use Amex edge card to buy discounted Woolworths gift cards a 3ppd you can then buy visa one cards at a 65c cost to use everywhere else you shop.
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    VA Global Wallet

    For some strange reason it says + amount while the transaction is pending. It then changes to -
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    Does anyone still think VA is superior?

    Middle of the day MEL-NTL lines up perfectly with PER-MEL flight making it possible to do the trip as one booking with VA without much waiting around. ðŸ
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    Gift Cards at Supermarkets

    Telstra does not accept payment on all accounts. E.g. Not on old business accounts. These are associated with the line type and can't be upgraded
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    Gift Cards at Supermarkets

    Visa or MasterCard only not Amex
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    New Amex statement credits

    No problem at all
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    ANZ Rewards Travel Adventure now 60,000 velocity points; 1 domestic return flights

    Re: ANZ Rewards Travel Adventure now 60,000 velocity points; 1 domestic return flight Cancelled my application today. Too hard for what it is worth. I have an income many times the required $35000, not an ANZ customer, veda score 890, two credit cards with no applications in past five years, no...