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    Reflections of a high status QF FF on first ever flight on Virgin

    As a long time elite QFF member, I never thought I would fly Virgin. I have no shortage of QF miles and have been P1 for some time now. However, Virgin recently did a deal with my work to offer frequent flyers gold virgin status. Sure, it's not a complete status match, which would have made...
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    Westpac Altitude vs Westpac Earth - calling on the experts

    I hold both cards and was just assessing distribution of spend (particularly tax bills). Putting aside the recent double points promotion with the Altitude card, it strikes me that the earn rate is far superior on the Earth card (see the two examples below). Clearly availability is also a...
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    Why QF's changes to partner status earn are going to backfire on QF

    I'm sure that the changes are likely to have little impact on the occasional flyer, who is typically price sensitive (and therefore less "sticky" to QF) in any event. However, for the frequent travelers (particularly high status pax who largely, although not exclusively, fly at the front of the...
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    Transferring points to SPG?

    I anyone able to shed some light on what options are available from the transfer of points to SPG? I have a corporate card with Amex MR - these tfr @ 1,000MR = 330 SPG points. Is there any other way? Does anyone know if Krisflyer miles can be transferred to SPG?
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    Using an Australian TA to book an ex-NZ fare from ITA Matrix

    Quick question for those who may have done this before. I am looking at travelling to SCL early next year. J fare ex-MEL or SYD is around $8,300. Using ITA Matrix software, I found a fare ex-AKL which priced in at around $AU5,200. I gave the ITA generated booking code to a local travel agent...
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    Status runs from TSV?

    I have to be in TSV for work in a couple of weeks and I have a gap of 1 day between commitments. Having been to TSV before, I have no need to explore, so I thought a status run may be a good use of my time if the timing and options are right - may be the difference I need to re-qual for P1...
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    SYD - JNB - equipment question

    I'm flying SYD - JNB on Monday and wanted to know if the plane has been refurbished with the new J product. I know that the F section has been removed, so I'm hoping the J product is the new one. Has anyone flown on this in the past 3 weeks since they removed F?
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    Q Bag Tag - do you Carry on?

    This reminded me of something I meant to comment on the other week, but forgot about, and that is the people who use their bag tags on their cabin luggage. Seriously? I know that they may be excited about their Q tags, but who puts a bag/status tag on cabin luggage? It's just a case of...
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    EpiQure prices

    I know others have mentioned this in the forum already, but I continue to be amazed by the lack of value in the epiQure offers. I got my membership as a complimentary gift for P1s, but I would not be happy if I had paid for it. Yet again, another wine offer that is no cheaper than the same...
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    Pre Intl travel call from the P1 desk

    A week before each of my international trips, I get a call from the P1 desk to confirm my arrangements and ask if they can do anything for me. I can't, for the life of me, think of anything I would ask for (other than a free upgrade to F, which I obviously wouldn't ask for), and so I politely...
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    One World pricing for different departure points

    I have just started planning a DCIR26, and was giving some thought to the best "jump off" point. Once upon a time, all of the pricing for different departure points was on the oneworld web site, but this now appears to have been removed. Does anyone have a link to current pricing ex-AKL...
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    great SC run if you're looking....480SCs for under $1,600* - conditions apply.....

    Other than tacking on a couple of legs to DONE* fares in the past, I have never specifically done a status run. While this is not abot to change, I am doing a short holiday trip to Fiji next week, and the was looking at the fares. Have booked MEL - SYD - NAN - SYD - MEL in J. Was $843 going...
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    MEL - PER - which planes have intnl J config?

    QF are flying both the A330-200 and A330- 300. Am I correct in assuming that it is only the -300 that has the international configured J?
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    Op Up Hypothesis - "Special Meal may limit Chances"

    while this topic has been debated ad nauseum, I thought I'd add 1 more possible factor to the list - no special requests. I almost always travel in J internationally, so I have never had an international op up (J - F appearing to me to be less common than Y - Y+/J or Y+ - J). Last week I...
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    lounge access in BKK

    Quick question am flying with the family from BKK to TLV on LY. Flying in Y, so no LY lounge access. Am WP and wife is PG. Is the BKK QF/BA lounge considered a QF lounge or a OW lounge for access purposes? ie can I use the lounge even though not flying on a OW marketed flight? (a la...
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    F lounge choice at JFK

    I am flying CX (AA code share) from LAX to HKG. Which is th best F lounge at JFK - AA flagship, JAL or BA ? I've used the AA flagship at JFK before, but never tried the BA or JAL lounges (not that I have high expectations of the JAL lounge after experiencing some lately). cheers
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    amenity packs

    The QF J and F amenity packs have been discussed many times over the years, but I do not recall a thread that compares the various J and F packs, so I thought I'd kick it off. J Qantas - Putting aside the ugly boxes (not much better than the old hard ones), this is pretty good. And QF...
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    SQ KrisFlyer Gold - back door route to achieving?

    Quick question. I joined KF a few months ago, and after flying a bit qith them, quickly got to KF silver. I then realised that while SQ require 25k miles for silver, they require another 50k miles for gold. while I was a bit annoyed about that, I am shortly going to make PPS with SQ, so it...
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    APEC Card - update on timing

    Just a quick update on current timing. I applied for my APEC card in late July, and just received it last week, endorsed for all participating economies. I had initially sought an interim card, but I think my secretary forgot that part, so it waited until all the approvals came through...
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    December 2009

    30 Nov SIN - NRT SQ 12 F lounge 2 Dec HND - GMP JL 8833 F lounge (if there is one. if not, J lounge) 3 Dec ICN - SIN SQ 15 F lounge