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    Upcoming points earn cut?

    Noticed on the Woolworths Credit Card site the following for new cards: Earn 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases for the first $2,500 spent per statement period and earn 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent for the rest of that statement period until 31 March 2018. From 1 April 2018...
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    Limo/chauffeur cars/drivers - Sydney

    Hello, Looking for any recommendations for Limo/Chauffeur car drivers in Sydney. Prefer a independent driver versus one of the big groups of drivers. Averaging around 20 trips Sydney Airport to CBD or outer suburbs a month. Anyone got any recommendations or starting points of where to...
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    AMEX Platinum Charge Benefits - Q&A

    Noticed that AMEX Platinum has added Shangri-La Golden Circle Jade Membership benefit. Quick phone call to travel and it was added in the last week. Can register via the AMEX website once logged in. Available to Primary & Supplementary Platinum Card Members. Jade Membership benefits include...
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    AMEX Platinum Charge fee reduction

    Anyone had any luck in getting their platinum charge card fee reduced? Was told they no longer reduce the fee today.
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    Seat Availability - classic

    Anyone noticed any sudden changes to Classic seat redemption availability? Looking at booking some seats ADL – MEL return in June and there was lots of seats yesterday and today hardly any on the select dates. Yesterday you could pick your flight. Any idea what could of happened?
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    AMEX Platinum Charge Card Domestic Travel Booking Fee

    Noticed on my recent AMEX Platinum Charge card statement a advice about a $27.50 booking fee for domestic travel. The 2 relavent links are: American Express Australia - The Platinum Card - Travel Has anyone...
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    Accomodation Sydney CBD

    Looking for some suggestions on accomodation in Sydney CBD. Stayed in Sydney many times at various differant places however this time have a requirement. Looking for a place in the CBD that has rooms on very high levels (eg, like 20 plus). Been told the Meriton World Tower is a good...
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    What card to use?

    Well after no end of drama's with Citibank's Ready Credit product it's time to say good bye to it and Citibank. I'm looking at an alternative product that can operate in a similar way to it basically to enable me to get cash out in an emergency and access from overseas. Would prefer a prefer...
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    Citibank readyCredit - Give yourself a present this xmas

    Received an intersting offer from CitiBank re my ReadyCredit account. Found it rather intersting given this recent post: The offer is for every $500 you spend they will credit back $20. Offer runs until the end of the year. Now be...
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    To put it in charge card or not?

    I am making a large purchase later next week, just under $20K. The merchant, should I put it on my card wants to charge 2.3% of the ammount. AMEX have given approval for it to go on my Platinum Charge card while will earn me 1.5 points per dollar spent. Is it worth the extra to put it...
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    QFF at ratio of 1 for 1

    I'm currenlty looking at dropping my CBA Platinum Mastercard for various reasons (Basically don't need 2 Platinum cards & will keep AMEX). Besides Woolworths Ezy Banking Mastercard and CBA's Platinum what other Visa or Mastercards are out there that allow you to redeem Qantas Frequent Flyer...
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    CBA - Call Centre's open longer?

    Heard a few add's recently on radio regarding CBA and their so called "new approach" and change's to customer service. One of them inferred that their call centre (13 22 21) was open longer then it's standard 8 to 8 Monday to Friday. Does anyone know if this is the case? Tried to call on...
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    Qantas Club Lounge Access - London

    I will be flying into London Heathrow Terminal 4 with Qantas and then transferring to Terminal 1 to take another flight through to France with BA. I will be stuck in transit for around 3 hours at that time and from what I can tell Qantas Club memebers have no lounge access in Terminal 1 at...
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    Emergency card replacement

    I am going to be doing a lot of overseas travel during this year. Would like to know if anyone has ever had to use the emergency card replacement services of any of the major providers (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX) while overseas? Keen to know if you had to do it work and were there any...
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    Qantas club - discount?

    I'm looking at joining the Qantas Club to make life that bit more enjoyable while doing a fair bit of travel over the coming 12 months or so. Does any one know any ways to get a cheaper Qantas club membership then the standard published rates? I notice you can use points but don't have...
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    AMEX Platinum Travel insurance

    Later this year I'll be using my AMEX Platinum travel insurance for the time, just wondering has anyone ever had to actually use this insurance before?
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    CBA Platinum - 24/7 Customer Service

    I have noticed that on the MasterCard website it lists the following "Exemplary Customer Service As a Platinum MasterCard cardholder, you only have to dial one number to resolve any issue you may have about your card. And you can call 24 hours a...
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    CBA Platinum - Concierge Service

    Just looking for any feedback on the CBA platinum concierge service? Has one here had any dealings with them and how would you rate the service? Just looking for any views before I apply for the card.
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    Citibank – Upgrades/offers

    Does anyone here have a Citibank credit card and do you receive offers from Citibank to either increase your credit limit or upgrade to a high level of card (e.g., gold to platinum)? Thanks.
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    Citibank - customer service

    Has anyone had any dealings with Citibank customer service that is a positive or negative experience? Every time I have called I have reached a international call centre. The operators can bearly speak good english and if they can understand you it's also amazing. Clearly English is not...