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    Platinum Credit Card - Free domestic economy flight

    Does anyone know what fare class the free annual Virgin Blue economy flight that comes with the Amex Platinum (Reserve) Credit Card is booked under. I would like to check fare class availability with expertflyer to short-list dates prior to calling Amex.
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    Changing from VISA to MC or vice versa

    Does anyone know whether CB can change a card from VISA to MC of the same type (e.g. Gold) and credit limit without making you apply for a new one? Second, is there flexibility to change card type (e.g. BP mastercard to Silver Visa) without reapplying?
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    Why would Citibank want to cancel cards in credit????

    I saw a change to the T&C's of my Citibank credit card that if a card has a positive balance (i.e. in credit for example to allow larger charges overseas) for over 45 days, they have the option of cancelling the card after trying to contact you. Why ever would they want to do that? I also notice...