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  1. Dyslexic traveler

    Singapore Airline has no first class booking.

    Hi all it’s been a some time since I posted. My Question is has any one noticed that Singapore has blocked all first class booking from Australia and back. I recently booked a first class seat Syd to Sin on the Feb 5th, all good. Now I want to book a return on the 26th and first class is not...
  2. Dyslexic traveler

    You have to love Singapore Kris Flyer

    Hi All I had a wonderful experience with Kris flyer today. I received an email with regards a flight to SIN to CDG. It advised me that they had changed aircraft from the A380 to 777-300er and changed our seats to the two Center seats in F, as Dr She whom must be obayed is not the best...
  3. Dyslexic traveler

    Etihad Upgrades from first apartments to the Residence ?

    Hi all Just about to book a trip on Etihads A380 out of SYD to LHR First apartment for Sue and I. Has anyone ever expirenced etihad upgrading to the Residence the total cost for the flights is about 26k and The Residence is over 110k, and there is no way I would pay that much for any...
  4. Dyslexic traveler

    Apple Pay is talking about loyalty programs

    Just read this. I wonder if this will happen? and how it would work. Maybe this is the new world of Frequent Flyer Points. The next logical step for Apple Pay: a loyalty program (AAPL) — Quartz
  5. Dyslexic traveler

    Centurion Research Dinner

    Hi All and particularly Centurion card holders. I have been asked to attend a Centurion research dinner next week, and fingered I would get your feedback on how Amex Centurion can be improved. What are the things I should feed back, I'm hoping to address benifits and the cost of the card, as...
  6. Dyslexic traveler

    Frequent Traveler University

    Hi all I know some of you have attended Frequent Traveler University over the years. From what I see it's more directed towards American frequent flyers. So I got to thinking how it could be a great thing to maybe have a similar thing hear in Australia, we seem to have a lot of knowledge in...
  7. Dyslexic traveler

    Pj's on Singapore first daytime flights ?

    Hi all I'm just wondering if any of you have traveled on Singapore F on a day flight do they give you PJ's. We are flying Melbourne to Singapore one the 777-300. Or is it like the Singapore to Hong Kong flight just an ammenities pack. In the past we have flown at night time with Singapore F...
  8. Dyslexic traveler

    Wonderful upgrade with Westin Venice

    I'm currently in Venice and thought I would relate the following. Over the years I have read about how sending emails to hotel managers can help you get upgrades, 3 days before we arrived at the Westin Venice I received an email from the manager, welcoming me and letting me know what was on...
  9. Dyslexic traveler

    Places to stay in the Cinque Terra

    Hi all I'm just in the process of booking accommodation in Italy for August / September 2014 and need some help. Has any one stayed in the Cinque Terra? and if so where did you stay and was it good, it would be nice to have a view. Also I need a recommendation for Venice, again I'm looking...
  10. Dyslexic traveler

    Re checking my bags help

    Hi all I have a question that you may be able to help with. I have booked a trip to Italy next year and have done so on Singapore, so I will fly Mel to SYD Virgin, then SYD to LHR on Singapore, then LHR to MXP on B,A all the tickets are separate bookings. So will I be able to check our bags...
  11. Dyslexic traveler

    What should I do , A 380 or the 777 300ER ?

    Hi fellow travellers. Today I'm looking at booking a trip to Italy, I have two options, one is SYD,SIN,MXP. My flight would be SYD,SIN on The A 380 F then the 777 300ER to MXP. Or I can Fly all the way to LHR on the A 380 and a flight to MXP from LHR This is all on Singapore F. I have...
  12. Dyslexic traveler

    What pain does your elite frequent flyer status let you avoid?

    This was an interesting article and the quote from Henry Harteveldt is so true “It’s a perverse type of relationship,” he said of airline loyalty. “In the hotel business customers are loyal because they like something; they join loyalty programs with airlines because they hope they will hurt...
  13. Dyslexic traveler

    Best economy class flight experience

    Hi all it's been many years since I have flown economy, and was you wondering what you all feel is the best economy class experience ( world wide ) and why. You never know I may end up in the economy section when I'm a poor pensioner, the way the government keep taxing me :) Wayne The...
  14. Dyslexic traveler

    What are your picks for most friendly city and the least friendly

    Hi fallow Frequant Flyers. I read a list of the most friendly places to visit in the world and started my list Most friendly in no particular order 1. Arman Jordan 2. Paris France 3. New York New York 4. Fort Worth Texas 5. Modena Italy 6. Havana Cuba 7. All over Fiji least friendly...
  15. Dyslexic traveler

    What's Your All Time Favorite Hotel Amenity?

    Hi all I recently had 3 weeks in the USA, and stayed at a number of different hotels, as I'm an SPG Plat and Hilton Dimond member. I was offered, my choice of extra amenity's like free WiFi or 250 extra points, free drinks, for my stay I also received room upgrades, so I got to thinking...
  16. Dyslexic traveler

    am I getting to fat for my seatbelt [Shorter belts in J on VA 737s?]

    Hi all I have no idea if this has been talked about so I will just ask, I have only started to fly virgin in the last couple of months as they have a business class service. So far I have enjoyed the experience. Yesterday I had a flight to SYD on Virgin and noticed that the seat belts in the...
  17. Dyslexic traveler

    round the world-first class-best prices?

    Hi all I never know if this is the right place to post this, if not please feel free to move it Mr. Mod. I’m looking at a RTW ticket in First Class for Myself and She who must be obeyed, in March 2014. I have looked at somepast posts but most are out of date, so if any one has a suggestion...
  18. Dyslexic traveler

    The 75 Skills Every Man Should Master

    Hi all I found this artical interesting and wondered what are your top skills a man should master, or know this can be about travel or life. Skills for Men - Things Men Should Be Able to Do - Esquire Wayne The Dyslexic Traveler :p
  19. Dyslexic traveler

    how to get lucky at 35,000 feet

    Hi all. I think it’s quite obvious that Richard Branson is one of the all-time great self-promoters, and must rank with the likes of P.T Barnum, but I wonder what you think of his current promotion how to get lucky at 35,000 feet What do you think about Seat-to-Seat Delivery idea? Ordering...
  20. Dyslexic traveler

    The World's Top 100 Airports

    Just came across the new list of The World's Top 100 Airports. What is your pick for the best airport and why is it your top pick. And to be fair what's the airport you are happy never to see Wayne The Dyslecic Traveler