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    How do you manage kids on planes?

    On the topic of headphones.... Inflight headsets provided don't work for kids under 7. Get a set of "ear clip" headphones - they just hang on top of the childs ear without anything over the top of their little heads. Here's a pic of the ones we got for Miss 18months. She's now 5 and has...
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    Changi T2 Security Check

    About 1.5 years ago I was on a SQ flight from SYD when this screening occurred. So I think there must be some level of intelligence applied and not just the country of origin.
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    Shortest Time From Buying Ticket To Boarding Plane

    My best was traveling in a taxi from downtown Manila headed to the airport to catch a flight to ICN to pickup a nearby replacement. ETix bought on phone to Asiana call centre during the taxi ride @ 1hr 40 prior to departure.
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    40000 points for Ultimate Card

    It's fee free for the 1st year and yes it comes with a free flight each year (including the 1st year - without a fee paid).
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    2 months and still no reply.....Goodbye QF hello AA

    Agree, don't leave it to chance, take it into your hands.
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    Post-paid GSM SIM in San Francisco

    Check out vRoam Global. It's a SIM card rental service for the countries being visited with billing either postpaid or prepaid. It has a "follow me" (number forwarding) feature which keeps you reachable on your AU number but with much lower costs since your not roaming but forwarding calls.
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    Same goes for our US guys :(
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    J to US

    Get the US agent to quote on it - can't hurt. Sometimes it works out and other times not. I find it's a function of their business, market and consolidators interest in the business at the time. Example, even for Sydney/Melbourne travel I get better prices (sometimes) out of our US HQ TA...
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    Currency Exchange Options

    Pop the loose unconvertible change into a "Change for Good" envelope. Charity providers still have mechanisms to exchange these useless notes/coins into useful tender. That way someone gets a little good instead of clogging up your draw.
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    BP Mastercard

    Aint worth the pen or keyboard stokes to do the application form. 5% up to $300 is a joke - especially considering the inflated value of goods found in service stations.
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    Currency Exchange Options

    You need a pretty big variance in the rates to make much of a difference. I suspect we are not talking about large sums of money. That's why I won't pay a FX fee - they should make their money on the rate differences between buy/sell.
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    Currency Exchange Options

    Don't exchange them when back in Australia. I find changing in Singapore (even at the airport) a much better deal compared to the coughpy rate + FX fee charged in so many AU outlets. I have found some little private cash changes around Chinatown in Sydney offering reasonable rates but without...
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    United seeks open skies over Pacific

    Actually, VS is more than just a partner of SQ, SQ owns 49% of Virgin Atlantic. Longer term, Branson buys back more of Virgin Blue, strikes another deal with SQ - easy access for SQ to carry pax over pacific via another brand!!
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    747 v 737/767 (in J)

    Don't get too excited about the 747-300. It's really mutton dressed up as lamb. Each time I've been in J on this bird I've copped a lapful of water from the dripping condenser in the air conditioning equipment.
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    QuickCheck? Not!

    QuickCheck - it's a marketing term to give the feeling of quick. How to convince the customer it's faster and make the customer do most of the work!
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    Qantas BAD refund policy

    Most airlines are 6-8weeks. Also don't close a card if there is a chance you might need a refund. I had a refund with CX 11 months after buying the ticket as I never used the return leg - it took 8 weeks and had to be refunded to the closed card. Then onto the bank to get hold of the refund...
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    Safety briefings

    Actually Singapore Airlines recommends keeping shoes on throughout the flight. This suggestion resulted from the SIA crash SQ6 in Taipai. Other findings also included changes to the footware worn by SQ female FA's as many lost their sandles during the takeoff crash.
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    Safety briefings

    interesting that none of the above posts have mentioned the making a mental note of the number of rows between you and your 2 exist choices. I hope it's something you really do everytime because it's too late when the cabin has smoke in it.
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    What constitutes a valid e-ticket?

    I carry my PDA/phone which has all of my calendar events. In the calendar event I detail the flight number, departure/arrival and booking reference and ticket type = eticket. Never had an issue or delay and have done this on multiple round worlds and many other destinations including China...
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    One Way flights Cheaper than Return

    That's why I try to purchase any round world tix in Bangkok as it's priced for the local market. Thus you get a great deal :D :D