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    Seat selection as sapphire

    Hi I've just dropped from Emerald to Sapphire (AA). For upcoming flights on an A380 (QF11/12), I cannot view/select certain economy seats that were previously available 32A-K, 49ABC etc. Is there any documentation on what seats can be selected as a Sapphire? Will I be able to see/select...
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    Problem using AA SWU on ticket issued by Qantas

    Hi all I'm trying to use a SWU on some upcoming AA marketed and operated flights. To be absolutely clear, these flights are on AA metal and have AA flight numbers. With four flights on QF, and the remaining two on AA, I booked this trip via Qantas. The ticket was issued by Qantas, and that...
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    Questions regarding checking award availability using QF

    Hi all I'm hoping to book award seats using AA miles and have a few questions for the friendly experts out there. I'm using the QF website to search for availability and found this (possibly unusual) situation. When I search CBR-HKG for 4 adults with flexible dates, I initially see only...
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    Questions/Advice for booking flights from CBR to MUC

    Hi I am trying to book an economy flight from CBR to MUC (via LAX using AA flight numbers). The "Australia" AA website will not give me a price. The "US" AA website shows ~USD$6K, and I think this is for premium economy (fare classes are "R"). USD$6K is far more than I am willing/able to pay...
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    Award booking fee and other issues

    Hi I just booked an all-partner award (thanks to those who provided answers to questions I posed in a different thread). First I called the US number to get the flights (because it was a weekend or holiday and the Australian number was closed). On the next business day, I called the Australian...
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    OW and AA all partner award questions

    Hi all I'm contemplating the following award booking (2 seats) and have quite a few questions for you experts out there. CBR-SYD (QF J or Y) SYD-BKK (BA F) BKK-HKG (CX F or J) HKG-YVR (CX F or J ... quite hard to find 2 F seats on the dates I prefer) YVR-NRT (JL J ... no F on this leg)...