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  1. K

    One way Tokyo to SYD - any ideas on the best way to do this via VA or partners ?

    This is where a balance of Avianca Lifemiles (has) come in extremely handy. There's an award seat available on All Nippon Airways flight NH879 on 24 Oct 2019 for the direct flight from Haneda to Sydney for 20,000 Lifemiles + USD$54.79 in fees / taxes. It's highly likely that there will be...
  2. K

    Something's Coming...

    It's now live on the website...
  3. K

    Something's Coming...

    You can now book flights to Japan using VA to HKG and NH to all ports - interesting development
  4. K

    Something's Coming...

    Slightly OT but when I was pricing out SYD/HKG/HND--NGO/HKG/SYD in Amadeus today for a trip later in October it returned $1045.75 using VA/NH combination.....
  5. K

    Sydney to Japan - Earn Velocity Points?

    Do you hold elite status with VA? Delta flies from Singapore to Tokyo and has some good deals on Comfort+ You'll earn silver / gold / platinum bonus points on these flights. I'm planning a trip in late August which is a combination of SYD to SIN on SQ then onwards SIN to NRT on DL. Ticketed...
  6. K

    Hilton Honors Macquarie Platinum Card Discontinued

    I've never been fee free and paid the annual fee last June 2018. There is a silver lining - we refinanced our home loan with Macquarie late last year and after receiving the new card, being transferred 4 times on a call last week (Mortgage Solutions were the team to help) we've had the fee...
  7. K

    Christmas Bonus Of Up To 10,000 Velocity Points (2018)

    10K posted to each of our accounts as well - our family pool account balance is now 20K healthier
  8. K

    Virgin Lounge Food

    I just did SYD MEL HBA return this week and pretty much identical scrambled eggs and chipolatas for breakfast in Sydney on the way down and chicken rice for lunch in Melbourne on the way back. The chipolatas were quite spicy and great for breakfast! Eggs were bleh. I did like the chicken rice...
  9. K

    SQ sector upgrades

    Hi everyone Asking for a friend who is VA Platinum - tried to search but could not find exact answers to this request. SQ Premium Economy flights are booked from Australia to Europe in SQ fare bucket T Class. Friend has a hefty VA points balance of a few hundred thousand points and has...
  10. K

    Velocity Double Status Credits offer 1/2/19 [Book by Feb 12, Travel by Dec 28, 2019]

    Bang - and our domestic travel for the next three months is booked, 18 domestic sectors in total. We've booked a mix of freedom fares and elevate fares (with promo codes) and a couple of business and business saver tickets (again using promo codes) for a couple of weekends away in TAS and SA...
  11. K

    HH points earning credit cards?

    Just got the "Important changes to your Hilton Honors Macquarie Platinum Credit Card" as well. Like others have noted, diamond status will be extended to 31 March 2021. We refinanced our mortgage with Macquarie late last year, so only other benefit for us is saving the $249 annual fee on the...
  12. K

    UpgradeMe pricing and success

    SYD HBA on last Friday evening's flight at 645pm - we bid $120 each for two seats and unsucessful. Flight was very full but business looked like it had a few seats spare.
  13. K

    Elite Households

    Hi everyone - apologies in advance if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find many posts. VA Gold here for the past 3 years - after switching from QF and never making status. VA suits us well, we enjoy the lounge access, priority entry at SYD and VA have looked after me on...
  14. K

    VA SC and Eligible Sector Expiry Question

    Snap! My VA Gold review date is also 7 June 2019 :) We're in a similar boat this year, will qualify for platinum early in the new year (1045 SC to be precise) but only 4 eligible VA sectors as most of our earn this year has been on SQ and MI. Will probably do SYD MEL LST day trip return in...
  15. K

    Virgin Australia - Promo Codes (ongoing)

    "For a limited time you can get 15% off the base fare for Domestic Getaway and 30% off the base fare for Domestic Business Saver fares on Virgin Australia for travel between 1 August and 13 September 2017.* Hurry, this offer ends at 11:59pm AEST on 22 June 2017!" Code is HPR46 when the email...
  16. K

    VA Points / SC Credits - Anyone notice how slow it has become recently

    Re: Posting of points Gold requalification date for the kezzakawasaki household was 7 June 2017 MEL LST SYD flown 4 June 2017 (missing points claim lodged 5 June 2017 for me to see if it would push through) - processed date 6 June 2017 MEL LST SYD flown 4 June 2017 (no missing points claim...
  17. K

    The NEW Velocity Status Run Master thread

    Seems to be an unpublished business class sale for fares in May / June - I can see SYD OOL for $399....
  18. K

    Incorrect SCs posted for domestic J sector on international itinerary?

    Thanks for the heads up on this, we have SYD > MEL > NAN booked (in business saver) in mid-May and I was banking on 55 SC as the earn rate for SYD > MEL to re-qualify for SG (my review date is first week of June) - but looks like it might be 40 SC as the earn rate? Good to know in advance, will...
  19. K

    How to use virgin lounge passes for reaching silver to guest others

    We are a party of 4 travelling from SYD > HBA in February. Lounge access should be sweet - I am SG and can guest in one of our party; we also have the luxury of +6 entry passes due to my (previous) PS status and two lots of AMEX entry passes on two cards. I'll check the posts on the lounge...
  20. K

    The NEW Velocity Status Run Master thread

    Just booked SG re-qualification flights for mid May (our anniversary weekend), with a reasonable Fiji business class special SYD > MEL > NAN for $625 each earning 260 SC for our family pooled account. The great thing is this time around I did not have to do any hard sell to Mr Kezzakawasaki...