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    A 10 Star Trip Europe and The Maldives Via SQ New Regional J, Suites, EK 380F and New 777F

    You can always get some here
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    JQ25 MEL - CNS warning....

    They did the same to me and my family from Sydney. Lucky we were checking the inbound flight and saw it never left OOL. As we booked through FF they managed to get us seats via Melb, however people at the airport had already checked in and then told to come back tomorrow after it was...
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    Blanket Bay... another NZ stunning lodge

    32 Bucks for a hamburger - without chips, must have been good
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    Impulsive Christmas Trip

    Interesting presentation
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    Route 66 - Chicago to LA

    Great report, thanks for taking the time to write it
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    Wamos Air - a review of an A330 flight for LATAM (charter)

    Air New Zealand are doing the same from Hi Fly, strange to see A340's flying into Sydney Air NZ wet-leases Hi Fly aircraft to cover 787 maintenance
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    Twice around the world in 40 days

    Went to Sardinia in 1984 for a sailing regatta, I remember the airfares were over $2000 back then even with a group discount. Amazing how much cheaper it is to fly these days
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    Madness: Last QF9 A380, First QF10 B787

    Amazing what a paid review does to the experience ------ "Everything has been superb," said Jason Haddad from Perth. The 39-year-old clinical psychologist normally flies business or premium economy, but declared this the best economy flight he'd ever done. Brits Mark and Suzy Beasley, 62 and...
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    A weekend on Lord Howe Island

    Raced on a yacht to there in the early 90's. Was an amazing place, with a 100 or so sailors on the island it was a bit wilder than normal. Rules were you hired a bike and then just took what ever one was closest, lots of people with grazes. When we got to the airport to fly home there was...
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    Vietnam - first visit and first TR

    Which River Cruise company did you use, it looks great
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    Was the ship named Titianic
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    Footy, beer and frolicking in Brisvegas

    xx_X Gold is not classified as beer
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    We did Carnival last year to New Caledonia. Unfortunately it was the most excruciating holiday I have ever had. However that may have to do with the people on board, it was bogan central. Make friends with your dinner waiter as there is always meals that aren't on the menu, we had some...
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    Airline passenger almost forgets to check into business class lounge on social media

    Airline passenger almost forgets to check into business class lounge on social media | The Pan-Arabia Enquirer
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    Provence, Canal du Midi and More

    Can't wait to do this with the family. I would love to see some of the menus from the local restaurants.
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    Provence, Canal du Midi and More

    Curious as to how much work each lock is ?
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    Ovation of the Seas, and a few flights along the way.

    Love the report, a saying is never embark on a cruise that leaves from an Australian port, my last experience with Carnival never was a truer word spoken. I wish you could caption the Wonderland photos as try as I might I can't match the dishes to the menu !!! Cheers
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    Syd Akl return over on LAN back On Emirates in Y

    For a 3 hour flight its not too bad, $800 vs $250 difference I can live with, but anything longer it makes it worthwhile, previously I used to points upgrade most trips to NZ but the Emirates service was good enough to make me think twice
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    Syd Akl return over on LAN back On Emirates in Y

    After a great time in Auckland ferry to Davenport, dinner with friends and relaxing without kids it was time to head home EK413 Dpt AKL 3.55 Arr SYD 7.18 - it was pretty much on time, check in was a breeze, but they stick it at the far end of the airport and despite picking A and C seats hoping...