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    Lowest cost flights ADL - SYD in December?

    I have to travel to SYD from ADL Dec 8 return Dec 22. Fixed dates. Comparing Jetstar, Virgin and Qantas, oddly Qantas was cheapest (for two people) at $668 (as no charge for 23kg luggage each). Does anyone here think: book this now or wait for a special? Any suggestions? Ta.
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    QFF Points or vouchers?

    Been awhile since I last came here and my how things have changed. I have 90,000 QFF points and am debating which CommBank card to apply for. The dual Gold Amex + Mastercard for Qantas looks ok. But then Woolworths Everyday Rewards beckons (but 8,000 points promotion ended on Oct 10th). Then...
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    Adelaide car rentals are CHEAP!

    Yes but I often wind up paying an extra $22 or so per day for the full insurance. (If one pays less one can still be up for $3000 or so excess). Does anyone do this differently or have a better idea? Visa card insurance perhaps?
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    Good hotel in Osaka, Japan?

    I'm looking for a hotel in Osaka. There is the Nikko at the airport but can anyone recommend one in the middle of Osaka within walking distance to shopping/restaurants and a railway station (JR rail)? A good breakfast service is nice too. Ta, R.
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    Travel Insurance - who is the best?

    Have a look at: Artog - Compare Travel Insurance I plugged in some info and AIG Australia was 55% off one of my quotes for a trip. Does anyone know if AIG is any good or what about the others that come up? Any that one should avoid? R.
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    Reason for Frequent Flyer card?

    I have a Qantas FF card and like others earn points but what is the actual card used for? Isn't crediting of extra points with bonus partners automatic anyway when a VISA card is used? If not, do I flash the Qantas FF card? Ta, R.
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    Best credit card for FF points?

    I'm a bit disappointed with my bog standard Commonweath Bank VISA as today I asked why CBA I wasn't getting any more points and was informed I'd hit the limit and they offered me the Gold as a replacement. However the Gold isn't too good - only 1 point for every $1.50 spent. So I started looking...
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    Low cost flights to Rome?

    Use flexible dates for Aug->Sept. Then Air India direct popped up. They could go walkabout I guess :-) RR
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    Low cost flights to Rome?

    Hi John, I found the Air India flight to Rome on ZUJI: Your Online Travel Guru Those taxes are rather high. I didn't realise they were that high. :-( The friends who are going are still thinking about which option to pick and I passed on comments. They are actually happy with stopovers as...
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    Low cost flights to Rome?

    The Bangalore to Rome leg didn't include taxes. The others did. Ta, RR
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    Low cost flights to Rome?

    Well I found: Melbourne to Singapore $120 (Tiger) Singapore to Bangalore $59 (Tiger) Bangalore to Rome $352 (Air India) The JAL one and others found on zuji are often booked out for the required dates but SwissAir was available for a little more. Thanks for the advice TravelGuru, food for...
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    Low cost flights to Rome?

    A friend needs to get to Rome (or Florence) from Adelaide such that he is there for one continuous month and it includes the last week of August 2008. In the past he has paid a great deal for the return tickets for him and his wife. This year I wondered if I or perhaps one of us can find a...
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    Qantas Rewards Maximiser CC question

    I'm thinking of transferring from a CommBank VISA to the AMEX Qantas Rewards Maximiser card. The main attraction is the 1.5 points per dollar spent as it's only 0.5 points with the CommBank. Can anyone tell me if I keep my frequent flyer points? I would assume so as these have all been...
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    Cheapest Flights in December?

    Hi all, I have the task of booking a flight for ADL-SYD Dec 19 AM and return Dec 28 PM. I tried but wondered if any better options or will there be a sale coming up? (Sales seem a bit tricky as I never seem to be able to find the $1 flights or get them when I search - any...
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    Cheapest flight in Dec?

    Hi all, I have the task of booking a flight for ADL-SYD Dec 19 AM and return Dec 28 PM. I tried but wondered if any better options or will there be a sale coming up? (Sales seem a bit tricky as I never seem to be able to find the $1 flights or get them when I search - any...
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    Rejected for credit cards - why?

    Thanks for the help. I did apply for both cards within about a week of each other and yes I have two other credit cards which I have used for years. I will try again in 6 months. What a crazy system. RR
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    Rejected for credit cards - why?

    Well I applied for the Citibank and Qantas Amex cards and was rejected for both. Income $50-60K (work and business), no house but share portfolio. Renting. Perfect credit history. Single woman. Can anyone suggest why I was rejected? They don't give reasons. Should I write back to them? RR
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    Fare bucket availability

    The Chinese business visa is 30 days isn't it. How long is the tourist visa, isn't it the same? Ta RR
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    Gaining Extra Points and/0r benefits

    Are you allowed to cancel it after 11 months to avoid the fee. RR
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    Qantas aircraft unserviceable in Beijing

    Whilst in Beijing (enroute to Sydney) on Dec 4, QF 192 was delayed for four hours due to a "flight control problem". By then it was 2am and I wound up going to a hotel, finally getting into the room at 5am. Departure next day was at 3.30pm, they fixed the aircraft apparently. Can anyone tell...