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    China Eastern Lounge Access and Priority Check-in - China Domestic

    I am interested to hear any feedback on people who have had China Eastern successfully honour the agreement between them and Qantas. The last 4 attempts to use priority check-in and the lounge have not been successful and all staff claim they have no idea of the agreement. I have spent an hour...
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    Policy on changing TV channel in QF Business Lounge

    I'm interested in knowing the policy on requesting the AFL to be changed to one of the TVs in QF lounges. Last month I was in the QF International Business Lounge at Perth T1 and asked if the AFL could be put on any of the TVs in the lounge. At the time there were approx 5 people in the lounge...
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    Hi All

    Thanks for having me, I used to fly a lot in my previous industry and stopped for a few years. Wish I knew about this website back then. Now doing a fair few trips back and forth from Adelaide to China and hopefully I can use a lot of the information available on this site. Hopefully I'll...