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    NZ Via Mel advice

    Hi All Hoping for some advice from experienced AFF members on this one. * So I've booked some Classic reward flights. Two separate bookings with 2 adults in J and 2 kids Y on the way over and 4 J tickets on the way back from Auckland. * Flights are out of Perth via Mel to Auckland in early...
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    Domestic On Departure Upgrade Rewards

    Hi All Bronze Q Club member with a question re: Domestic On Departure Upgrade Rewards. It says via the QF website that Platinum One, Platinum, Gold and Qantas Club members with a paid and confirmed ticket can request a Domestic On Departure Upgrade Reward at Australian domestic Qantas Club...
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    Immediate upgrade paying with cash vs points booking?

    I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on the upgrade process. In the past I’ve booked a domestic flight payed with cash and was able to immediately upgrade with points. I’ve made a recent domestic booking with points for economy but have been waitlisted for an upgrade. Is it as simple as...
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    Splitting family J and Y

    Hi All Took a risk and booked 4 tickets heading to Auckland with the new borders announced. Booked parents in J and a seperate booking for the kids (aged 17 and 8 together) in Y. A330 so I’ve booked them into the two seats by themselves closest to the wing. They are experienced flyers. Anyone...
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    Southern Lights Flights

    Just received this from Qantas via email.. Not much detail except a minimum of 135,000k needed to get onboard
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    Points Club Plus Avis Upgrade?

    Hi All I'm heading to Exmouth next week and I've booked car hire for a few days. PC+ says you are entitled to an Avis one class free vehicle upgrade. Has anyone had this offered to them or asked and received the upgrade? It doesn't mention it anywhere on the booking I've received. Thanks in...
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    Perth/Broome Plane Change

    Hi All Was all set to fly to Broome next month on a Fokker. Just logged in and saw the plane has been changed to 737-800. I thought the Fokker was predominantly used. Might be hand for anyone looking to make a J booking. Only 2.5 hours flight and not the best J product but still a step up from...
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    How fast do points post?

    Hi All Mrs Rusty is 4k short of Points Plus for the year. She has until 31/10 to reach it. I've just booked a 2 night hotel stay via Qantas Hotels. Can anyone share how long these points typically take to arrive? 47 days to sort this out. Plan B can anyone share how long wine points take to...
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    Perth/Broome lounges

    I'm a Qantas Club member and taking a flight Perth-Broome at the end of October. Wondering if anyone has been able to access any lounges lately? I read that Perth QC was shut (hoping to be moved to Business lounge) and that Broome QC was open. I'd appreciate hearing anyone's experience...
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    Altitude Qantas Platinum Mastercard (Website question)

    Hi All... opened this card up and have the minimum spend last Friday. On other sites it's pretty easy to find the (rewards/ff points) section to have a look at what you've earned The only thing I can see is a rewards/offers tab but nothing in there except some offers from businesses...
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    Refund with expired CC

    Hi All Like many I'm having to cancel an upcoming Qantas flight. The refund should go back onto a cc, problem was it was a churner which is closed. Are people contacting Qantas before cancelling or just cancelling and then going through the process. Cheers
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    Will points be refunded?

    Hi All Used some QFF points to book some flights to Bali for the family on Jetstar. (I can hear people laughing now... but that's ok) In the current situation travelling overseas could be a risk. If I was to cancel the flights would the points be refunded or do they go down the gurgler?
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    Using a travel agent for lowly bronze QFF flyer

    In theory could a travel agent make it easier for me to book a complicated multi city flight booking without having to resort to the long wait times on the phone to Qanats. A close friend owns a travel agency but I guess I have the problem of transferring them the points. Is there any...
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    Seats Changed

    Flying with Virgin today. Booked flights some time ago and selected 3a & 3b. Went to check in online around 10 hours before takeoff and now being separated from the mrs and were in rows 24 & 27. It’s a small plane so seats don’t cost extra except the exit rows. Are the seats you select on...
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    Amex Qantas Ultimate Churn

    Hi All Mr & Mrs Rusty both have the Qantas Ultimate card. If this was another churn, when is the best time to cancel, just after you've booked the flights? Do yu lose everything but the flight? Wondering what fellow churners out there do with this one? I suspect I'd earn more from closing...
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    Perth- Mel in Business Help

    Hi All... hoping some other AFF members could provide some advice. Looking to take Mrs Rusty over to Mel next year on QF metal in Business A330, trying to use more points than cash if possible. Some background.. we both have $450 AMEX travel voucher, plenty of points for upgrades and both lowly...
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    Amex Travel Gouge

    Churning the Amex Qantas which has been great so far. Went to use the $450 travel voucher on some flights Perth to Mel. Checked booking with Qantas direct and came up at $673 return. Figured Amex would be charging 10-15% extra but when I looked the return price was $1518. Tried some other dates...
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    Referral Link Question

    I've been approved for the Qantas Amex card. When setting up the online account I received a message about a referral code for friends and family. If Mrs Rusty applies for the card with the link I generate will she receive the 100,000 and me another 40,000? Sorry for the newbie question but...
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    upgrade question

    Hi All just wondering if someone can clarify an upgrade question. Purchased a sale fare a while back which from my understanding can’t be upgraded. Once confirmed I checked it and sure enough I couldn’t use points to upgrade LAX -MEL. But I could submit an upgrade request from MEL -PER. The app...
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    Luggage Question

    Hi All Flying to LA via Syd and then Honolulu. Flights are all Qantas except Honolulu to LAX (AA code share). Just wondering luggage is included on that code-share flight? I'm assuming it is but not 100% sure on the internal USA flights. Thanks