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    SYD-AUH - in J & 9hr overnight layover or Y & 3hr layover?

    zinkle as markis10 has said the airport hotel Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International Airport is very new & is excellent This hotel is connected to the airport terminals and can be reached through internal walkways with a 5 minute walk. It is absolutely perfect if you have a long transit through...
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    ¨I still call Australia (Qantas), home!¨

    I think the passengers still call Australia home - but does Qantas?
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    Is AJ making Qantas a super-fit midget?

    The only way for Qantas to get out of this nosedive is for AJ and the board to resign You may remember just two and a half years’ ago AJ was saying Qantas International was going very well & it was making a huge profit Six months + later things changed the Qantas Group is effectively...
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    Will Qantas Leave or be Told to Leave OneWorld ?

    I think Their is a prolonged annoyance from other OneWorld members over the QF/EK Partnership and I think this will lead to trouble re QF OW membership? Lets hope not? only time will tell.....
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    Etihad finalises conditions for Alitalia investment

    From the airlines they have acquired/shareholding in so far we can see a regional spread across Europe and Asia-Pacific giving them access to very populous countries which brings more passenger flows and ultimately more sales to their operations Go Etihad!
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    Will Qantas Leave or be Told to Leave OneWorld ?

    Having severed ties with British Airways & coming under siege from Oneworld carriers hostile to its Emirates partnership Qantas will inevitably question whether continuing with the OneWorld alliance is worthwhile I have been told that British Airways is planning to sever ALL of its code...
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    Do we need A Flag Carrier?

    The question is whether Australia needs Qantas International or Virgin Australia International, or whether Australia could NOT do without a flag carrier. In the old days, flag carriers thrived due to exclusive bilateral deals on routes. The airline was a proud representative of the country on...
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    Etihad Airways withdraws from Skytrax

    Finally a high quality airline with the guts to stand up to Skytrax In my opinion Skytrax is a joke and their ratings carry no value. The question is will more airlines now follow suit?
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    Is Qantas becoming the Kodak of the airline world !

    Interesting view! Qantas becoming the Kodak of the airline world
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    Etihad finalises conditions for Alitalia investment

    Etihad says it has finalized the conditions it requires for a major investment in Alitalia, following months of negotiations. BBC News - Etihad finalises conditions for Alitalia investment
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    @EtihadAirways EY unveil their A380 (the residence) apartments

    Good link and Video from gulfnews Etihad Airways unveils hotel-style rooms on A380 |
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    @EtihadAirways EY unveil their A380 (the residence) apartments

    This looks like a game changer across all three cabins it looks to be fantastic and I can't wait to try it.....
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    Fiji airways and etihad airways sign groundbreaking interline agreement

    Fiji Airways and Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, today announced a new and far reaching interline agreement between the two carriers. FIJI AIRWAYS AND ETIHAD AIRWAYS SIGN GROUNDBREAKING INTERLINE AGREEMENT – The Jet Newspaper
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    Alitalia and Etihad to Close Their Merger Deal This Week

    A deal between struggling Italian carrier Alitalia and Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways should go through this week Alitalia and Etihad to Close Their Merger Deal This Week | FINNBAY
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    Heads up about program changes

    It would be far batter if all loyalty programs would be more honest with their members and not trying to sell devaluations as being fairer, simpler, enhancement etc. I hope Qantas survives this mess ? do not have a good feeling . These various Qantas SC earning charts are far more complicated...
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    Qatar Airways unveils its Airbus A380 First Class product Video in Berlin

    His Excellency, Qatar Airways' CEO Mr. Akbar Al Baker introduces the latest innovation from Qatar Airways at ITB Berlin 2014
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    QANTAS are driving me into the open arms of their competitors...

    Perfect Troppo..... you will have a great flight I agree with you 100%
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    Etihad Airways Launches Inflight Sleep Experience

    Etihad Airways has launched a program designed to improve sleep quality on its long-haul flights. Etihad Airways Launches Program to Enhance Inflight Sleep Experience
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    Etihad pushes for additional capacity to australia

    No RooFlyer just a very happy guest !
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    Etihad pushes for additional capacity to australia

    Etihad Airways is one of the best airline flying to Australia In fact, the World Travel Awards recognized the Abu Dhabi-based airline as the world’s best for the fourth consecutive year. If that’s not enough, world travel agencies and frequent fliers that vote for the so-called Oscar of...