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  1. n7of9

    Question on changing flight

    It shouldn't, I'm sure I've done it in the past. It will issue a new booking reference for the other ticket.
  2. n7of9

    Where to go after Marrakech

    Only to Ibiza, so no, it doesn't really count. I love being in new places and walking amongst locals, experiencing local food. Not into churches or castles, I've been to so many over the years and remember few, but do like being an average tourist. I'm a female who travels alone so I'm very risk...
  3. n7of9

    Where to go after Marrakech

    I booked a Morocco tour before it was 'confirmed' then booked SQ flights to Barcelona and upgraded on points. The tour is now confirmed, and I need to figure out how and where to spend an extra 5 days after it ends in Marrakech. Suggestions? I'm leaning towards 2 days in Madrid, 3 in Barcelona.
  4. n7of9

    Multi-day small group tour operators

    Thanks so much, will look now.
  5. n7of9

    Multi-day small group tour operators

    I did see that deluxe tour but it doesn't go into the desert and I think I'd really like to. I've spent a few days in Wadi Rum in Jordan and it was quite special. I like this one, I've sent them a question about the accommodations: Majestic Morocco That's why I always travel in tour groups 😉...
  6. n7of9

    Multi-day small group tour operators

    That's exactly what I'd like to avoid, but I'm finding the next step up is $800+. I'm trying to find a middle ground. I'll check out Gate1, thanks so much.
  7. n7of9

    Multi-day small group tour operators

    I've been researching all day and I think I'll fly upgraded on SQ SYD-SIN-BCN, then splurge a bit in Tangiers and Chefchouen. That would give me the option of joining either a 3-4 star tour for the remainder of my stay, or just saying fckit and joining a luxury one (highly likely). Thanks...
  8. n7of9

    Multi-day small group tour operators

    Thanks for the suggestions @RooFlyer, your post highlights exactly what I've encountered: Exodus cheap and nasty $2300 for 15 days (this is their premium selection) vs Travel Directors $18K for 20 days.
  9. n7of9

    Multi-day small group tour operators

    I've been on probably 10 group tours over the years. I like that all I have to do is choose a region and I'm guaranteed to see great things over 7 to 15 days, without any hassles or stress. Years ago I was fine traveling cheapest Y and touring with Geckos or Intrepid, then I upgraded to...
  10. n7of9

    Let us know your most outrageous thoughts on any topic about flying

    This was AFTER I'd already had my main meal BTC, Lobster. See how outrageous this is :D
  11. n7of9

    Let us know your most outrageous thoughts on any topic about flying

    SQ J SIN-SYD a few days ago, the FA came to my seat before the refreshment meal was served with an S$100 Krisshop voucher by way of apology for not having loaded my Book the Cook meal selection. I actually think this is outrageously generous for something I wouldn't have even noticed not...
  12. n7of9

    Sydney to Europe using Velocity points

    I don't think that's available anymore
  13. n7of9

    Let us know your most outrageous thoughts on any topic about flying

    I'd be Ted in that scenario, I see a button I feel compelled to press it
  14. n7of9

    Let us know your most outrageous thoughts on any topic about flying

    I have an outrageous thought - I think everyone has a right to recline their seat, even the person in front of me.
  15. n7of9

    Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Helicopter tour

    I went with Maverick and it was a great day. Picked up super early, 5'ish, caught a small plane from Henderson, NV to Arizona (which was great because everyone went to sleep and I hung out at the front with the pilots!). Then the helicopter tour from South Rim to North, then minivan to Grand...
  16. n7of9

    Dealing with / advising family and amateurs :/

    What's worse: those who don't know any better and book with FC; or those who know never to book with FC because they've heard you all these years but when it comes down to it "I used my aunty's TA, she was really great". Average (non AFF) people honestly believe that TA's have secret deals...
  17. n7of9

    Booked Business Class on all Y flight, got Economy SCs

    I can't help, but please post back your results, hoping it works in your favour, good luck.
  18. n7of9

    Lost Luggage - Terrible experience with QF

    The matter seems to be moving along well, but I read the whole thread and this sentence stood out to me. I 'think' it might be a legal no-no in Australia to record people without their consent so you might want to exclude this information in any of your dealings with Qantas or the insurer. I...
  19. n7of9

    Q re if review date changes, when Velocity Status Changes.

    You will drop to silver if you haven't acquired 400 SC at your Oct 2018 review date If your SC balance then reaches 500 before any SC expire in Jan 2019, you will move to Gold with a new review date
  20. n7of9

    Who on AFF are the cruise gurus and what are your preferred cruise lines and ships?

    Nile River cruising, and Jordan, were both all-time travel highlights for me, I hope you love your time there