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    Cruising choices with an active Pandemic

    It's only applicable to the US, and is in line with current US policy. Makes sense they apply local policies, just as you expect them to do here. I wouldn't see any concern for people travelling on local cruises. Of course, travelling internationally is more an issue - but that already is, and...
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    Google Flights Emissions

    I don't believe they're literally accurate, as emissions will be determined in part by load/occupancy. As they don't know what bookings are like, this significant element is not factored in. You might also want to check whether it shows different emissions on the same plane/route but different...
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    Coles/Flybuys Bonus Issue - Who to Contact?

    Contact Flybuys. They have a log of all promotions that are with them e.g. you should have been able to see the promotion in the flybuys app/web site as well. They can also see your spend. Whether they accept that scenario as being eligible though is up to them, i.e. they may specifically...
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    Velocity to partner with 7-Eleven

    Well, he can work around the phone bit, but that doesn't really help the SA bit... And wouldn't be worth it just to buy for occasional trips interstate. But that said, it's just one of those partnerships that doesn't have use to you, like health insurance when you have a better other insurer...
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    Velocity to partner with 7-Eleven

    So what should they have done? Not partnered with 7/11?
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    Cruising choices with an active Pandemic

    Seems to be. Not literally that it was to be difficult, but nothing in for them politically. Being 'tough on borders' gets them votes so that's a headwind to say yes. And there aren't enough countering points to change their mind i.e. it doesn't help the economy but just results in money going...
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    How do taxis still get away with a 5% credit card surcharge?

    Nobody said you weren't paying for it. You just questioned why there was not a similar reaction against Uber to the surcharge for cabs. But the model is decidedly different - and further the key issue is that where there are credit card surcharges, there is some tolerance of them when they are...
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    Qantas take off $10 and save deal - 2 hrs to 7pm 10 Jun

    By designing a promotion that's going to have very little take up... how clever.
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    How do taxis still get away with a 5% credit card surcharge?

    The difference is in one you're paying a bundle/package price for a whole bunch of services, and in the other you're paying a surcharge for an optional extra. Just as you pay a surcharge to Qantas, or a hotel, or petrol station for paying with a credit card. Whereas in the first you're paying...
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    Cruising choices with an active Pandemic

    Two American state governors completely disagree with you, with the result that cruising return plans there are in some disarray.
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    How do taxis still get away with a 5% credit card surcharge?

    That's because they're providing the service (which includes credit card payment) and who you book with - you don't book directly with the driver, then they take 25% out of that. So for the service and infrastructure they provide, people pay to uber what they think it's worth, and it's quite...
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    Qantas Mall - eBay and Super Weekend Promotion

    Yeah, I had the same issue a few years ago, bought straight after midnight when a promotion started as I'd been looking at something. Checked the trans log and just got regular points though, even though within promotion period. Fortunately I kept the purchase confirmation email which showed the...
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    Retro Roo damaged on the Tarmac at PER

    Do they need to put one of those "Clearance - 1m" signs on the sides of aircraft now?
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    Virgin Future Flight credit....anyone having problems with this??

    Just referring to your comment if they had gone bust people would have lost out completely, and then saying people are lucky to use them. Because that wouldn't have been the case. There are only a large number of flight credits because they _didn't_ go bust. If they had gone bust, then people...
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    Virgin Future Flight credit....anyone having problems with this??

    The contra is the airline would have lost out on the money as people would have claimed refunds from their credit cards for services not provided, which then would have been clawed back from their accounts. However, because the airline gave credits instead and due to covid credit card companies...
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    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    Do you only fly Jetstar cause it's cheapest? Sometimes paying the $5-10 more from another broker is worth a lot more from the extra benefits.
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    Virgin joins AIA, 50% cashback on flights 2X per year

    Singapore Air is not a current partner - only Virgin is. So you can book international with flights later this year Virgin have scheduled, but you can't book with Singapore Air. That's why you saw NZ but not Singapore Air. Here are their partners...
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    Velocity to partner with 7-Eleven

    A decent partnership, and helps against the Qantas competition.
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    VA Economy Service changes - "Staff will be able to assist"

    That's pretty disappointing. Especially for the longer routes e.g. Perth- east coast. "Noodles" is the most substantial meal there is, so hope everybody has eaten before the flight, or has time to eat after the flight. I guess you can supplement them with "nuts" if you're especially ravenous.