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    Whitsunday Escape

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    VA status extensions

    I just got off the phone with Velocity. I had automatically qualified for an extension from 22/12/20 to 22/12/21 so I thought I'd ask how the extra year extension worked. Ends up that my membership is now being held as Gold until December 2022 so I'm happy with that outcome.
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    I'm in the VA Lounge thread

    Well, I'm in the Sydney Velocity lounge right now. It sure is a different experience to what we all remember. Only the top level is open and with restricted numbers allowed. There's no priority entry so you enter through the regular stairs just past security. Food offerings are minimal with...
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    TAP Air Portugal *A status match challenge

    It would be great except that it only applies to members who have joined Tap's Miles&Go after 1st january 2020. Unfortunately I've been a member since May 2019.
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    Platinum / Gold / Silver FF's. What communications have you had from VA..?

    For what it's worth, I'm about 40 credits short of requalifying for Gold (21st Dec 2020). I received an email saying that I would be getting a 12 month extension to 21st Dec 2021. I called the Velocity membership number and spoke to someone there, asking if I earn those extra 40 credits before...
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    TAP Air Portugal *A status match challenge

    Thanks for that, I hadn't considered (or actually heard) of that option so I'll see how it can work for me. I'm probably being optimistic with my plans but definitely worth a shot! :)
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    TAP Air Portugal *A status match challenge

    Yep true Matt. I was hoping for a status match as I do like the airline and have a few trips (hopefully) in the pipeline for next year and would have used TAP for quite a bit of the travel.
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    TAP Air Portugal *A status match challenge

    I have about 2000 miles there from a business class trip last September but I've never purchased any miles.
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    TAP Air Portugal *A status match challenge

    Just a quick update on my status match request..... I was declined. I hadn't read the fine print too well, this status match was only for new members. As an existing TAP Miles&Go member, I was ineligible. Dear Mr Thank you for your interest in the TAP Miles&Go Programme Status Math (sic)...
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    I also chased up as to what was happening with my status match and received shortly after the following message: So it looks like my status has been matched but I just have to wait until it's finally confirmed...
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    I've got nothing yet... :confused:
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    Top Three Holiday Photos

    Portugal, September 2019
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    TAP Air Portugal *A status match challenge

    Ok, thanks mattg. It's a shame, I have about 4000 miles with TAP and was looking at using them again next year.
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    TAP Air Portugal *A status match challenge

    Stupid question but I suppose they don't status match with Velocity Gold?
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    Is it Time to transfer/withdraw points from Velocity?

    Reading the recent replies was enough for me to bite the bullet and transfer half a million points to Krisflyer. I have to say, it kind of hurt seeing my balance go to zero....
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    Flybuys Targeted Bonus Promotions

    I didn't receive an email either but once I logged into my Flybuys account, the offer was there. $190 over 4 weeks for 20,000 points or $140 over 4 weeks for 10,000 points.
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    Double the Fun [Double Velocity SCs, Book by 24 Nov, Travel by 13 Oct 2020]

    Quick questions, are these DSC promo's run once a year or historically more often?
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    A Tick Off My Bucket List

    So after arriving at SIA and thanks to my onward F booking on flight SQ211 , I was extremely excited to visit The Private Room. I entered the Silverkris Lounge and personally escorted through the Business Lounge, Past the First Class Lounge and then to The Private Room. I'm not sure it was...